‘Viagara for women’ set to get FDA approval

‘Viagara for women’ set to get FDA approval

‘Viagara for women’ set to get FDA approval

For women suffering from lack of sexual desire, this is going to be a great news. To be true, it is not a great news for these women alone, but also for their husbands and boyfriends who have to suffer badly due to lack of sexual desire among their women.

Now the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is all geared up to approve the drug for final launch in the market in the US.

It is notwithstanding the fact that the drug impacts only modestly in the sexual desire among women. Nonetheless in some women the impact is substantial. So unlike Viagra that gives instant solution to male impotency, you shouldn’t expect sudden and equally effective impact among women consuming flibanserin that is being called female Viagra by many people across the world.

Reports suggest that a top of the line US government panel has asked the USFDA to approve the drug. The experts supported flibanserin notwithstanding the fact that they said it should carry warnings about strong possible side effects including fainting and tiredness.Viagra1

The same drug has been turned down not once but twice. But as experts have demanded its approval there is reason that it will go as per expert opinion. Women taking the drug reported between 0.5 and one more sexually satisfying event per month, results experts admitted were “modest”. “But on the other hand, even modest results can make a lot of difference when you’re at a certain point in the clinical problem,” said Dr Julia Heiman of the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University.

But there are other experts who claim that approving a drug with merely marginal impact will create a wrong precedent. Dr Adriane Fugh-Berman of Georgetown University was quoted by the New York Times as saying “To approve this drug will set the worst kind of precedent – that companies that spend enough money can force the FDA to approve useless or dangerous drugs”.

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