Verizon HTC One coming: release date now very close


    It is the most stunning handset available in the market. And the good thing now is the fact that Verizon HTC One release date is very close

    Though HTC One is available in most of the markets right now, the subscribers on the largest US telecom network Verizon are still awaiting the arrival of this handset on their network. For many people this is very disappointing. A number of people who would have gone for this very beautiful and equally powerful handset long time ago, the late arrival has meant that many disgruntled and disturbed HTC One fans have gone for the second best choice, Samsung’s Galaxy S4.

    HTC One’s delayed arrival has done most harm to the Taiwanese company as people got agitated and started going for other handsets. But the good thing is the fact that the company is now working hard to double the manufacture of this handset. The other thing is the fact and company knows it well that people who like HTC One due to its beautiful body and exceedingly good built quality are not going to be enticed by other handsets available in the market. But the very long delay forced at least some to go for the other handset.

    So far the most prominent issue facing HTC was the lack of enough units of the One and certainly the firm is working its best to meet the escalating demand. Now, putting all legal and component shortage issues behind, HTC is all set to ramp up the production of its 2013 Android flagship. The firm is ready to double up production of the One this month in hope that the device would get “high-end sales” soon after its official release. Recently, HTC has been getting good response for its products. For example, the Butterfly, the first 1080p phone from HTC, has witnessed to an increase of 50 percent sales in Japan after putting some nice on-contract prices. The One will also be getting some cool offers and deals from HTC.

    In the meantime the company has taken several initiatives to make its fans happy. The Sprint variant of HTC One has received a slight software update. The new update, which makes the version number to 1.29.651.10, improves the Back and Home key sensitivity. The handset has a minor problem with its capacitive keys below the display as they don’t often respond properly because the touch targets are evidently not large enough. The update has enhanced the touch key sensitivity, by enlarging the size of the target, thus making them further easier to activate. The update also brings some cool updates to BlinkFeed and adds a new Sprint Zone client to the One.

    In United States, the Taiwanese giant’s flagship handset is up for grabs on three major carriers in the U.S. They are AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. As of now, there is a gossip that the handset would also come to Verizon, the country’s largest cellular service provider at some point in the near future. It is said that the same hardware and specs will come inside the Verizon HTC One also. The launch on Verizon will give it great impetus in the days to come.