USC shooting: Another shoot-out after devastating super-storm


    (NVONews.Com) USC shooting has come as a rude shock. Even as one-third of the United States is recovering after a devastating super-storm another shoot out took place in University of Southern California (USC) campus on Wednesday. At least four persons were injured in it, one of them critically.

    The incident took place during the Halloween party and the condition of one of the injured is said to be critical.

    The University has placed the campus in a state of lockdown, though police said the shooting was not directly related to the university itself.

    A student was quoted in the Los Angeles Times as saying that at least 100 people were in attending the overcrowded party thrown by a student group.

    This is not the first incident to take place on the USC campus in the recent years. In May, two men were arrested and charged for the killings of two graduate students a few miles from the USC campus a month earlier.

    Bryshon Nellum, USC sprinter turned Olympic medalist, was shot in the leg three times at Halloween party during his second year at the university in 2008.

    In April, a former student at a northern California university was arrested for killing seven people at a small Christian school in the city of Oakland.

    In 2011, two people were killed in a shooting at Virginia Tech, the site of the a 2007 attack that left 33 dead and became the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

    Shooting by trigger-happy youths and even middle-aged persons have become quite common in the United States. But alarming rise on the campus is a cause of big concern in the country. What is more the latest incident took place when the entire country was in the mood of mourning after devastating super-storm, Sandy.