BY | February 14, 2014

It is going to be a very intense game as host nation’s team will do everything to beat the US and make a point. USA vs. Russia 2014 Olympic Ice Hockey Game: Time, date, live stream & score details

During the cold war the Americans had an upper hand. And they ended up winner. But that was in the world of diplomacy. In the game of hockey things are positioned differently. Once again Russia and the US are to see each others on the hockey ground.

The men’s ice hockey is slated for an interesting and high-pitch clash. Though Russia’s Ovechkin, Datsuk and Malkin, are one of the favourites, the team is cruising carefully making sure not to repeat the 1980 Winter Olympics. In that memorable game, the overconfident Russia was thrashed by Team USA 4-3.

Despite having the home advantage, Russian players are taking this match seriously. On the other hand the US hockey players are girding up for the big moment. Even after coming out with flying colours in the tournament, they are careful not to be overconfident.

The match is being touted as clash of the titans in ice hockey.

Reminiscing about the defeat, current Russian Ice Hockey Federation president Vladislav Tretiak said: “The Americans taught us a good lesson in 1980 – you have to respect your competitors before the match and afterwards you can say how they represented. We didn’t have the respect for them, and that’s why we lost. There aren’t any weak competitors in the Olympics.” Make sure not to miss the game.

Live Streaming details:

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