USA MERS outbreak threat: CDC asks doctors to be alert

USA MERS outbreak threat: CDC asks doctors to be alert

USA MERS outbreak threat: CDC asks doctors to be alert  

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or MERS has started alerting health authorities in the United State. This time the MERS outbreak is coming from South Korea, and the authorities in the US are already worried about it. They have asked doctors to actually keep track of their patients’ travel history.

Korea seems to be in the grip of MERS. Many hospitals have been completely quarantined and the government seems to be rather worried about its spread in the rest of the country.

Nonetheless it is not just Korea that is keeping its fingers crossed. Health officials in United States too are taking its threat very seriously. With very close relations between the two nations, there is every chance that some laxity may cause its eruption in United States too.

hospital emory university atlantaIn the meantime the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a warning in the US too, asking the doctors and hospitals to be vigilant against this potentially deadly illness. This disease in Korea has killed as many as a dozen people and caused the hospitalization of 126 more. Having been overcome by anxiety, authorities have not just quarantined the patients, but also the hospitals where they were treated.

CBS New quoted Dr. William Schaffner, a well-known infectious disease specialist as saying, “It’s a wakeup call to everyone, because if it can go to South Korea, it can be transmitted to other countries”. He is associated with Vanderbilt Medical Center.

There are reports that a man who travelled to Saudi Arabia last month actually carried the illness back to South Korea. This virus was first discovered in Saudi Arabia some three years ago. It is said that this 62-year old man visited 4 hospitals in South Korea before he was diagnosed — exposing many other people in the process. While cautioning hospitals and doctors Dr. Michael Bell, deputy director of the CDC says, “Every clinician, doctors and nurses, need to be thinking about the possibility of MERS…That means if someone comes into a clinic or an emergency room with a fever and cough you need to ask, ‘Have you traveled at all? Where have you been?”

CDC officials claim that for doctors it is important to keep a track on people’s travel pattern. “We spent a lot of time thinking about Ebola and learned the importance of taking a good travel history. ‘Where have you traveled, what kind of work do you do?’ These are routine things that we don’t want people to stop doing”.

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