US Stocks up; S&P 500, 27 points, DJIA 230 points and Nasdaq 73 points


    In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene US Stocks rallied and went up. S&P 500 went up by 27 points, DJIA 230 points and Nasdaq went up by 73 points

    There were predictions that the stock markets will remain closed today in the US. The reason was Hurricane Irene that had battered and bruised the east coast including the US economic nerve center New York City.

    But this morning everything seems to be going in favor of stock market. Not only the flooding receded and the actual loss was a lot lower than it was anticipated by the experts.

    Big companies opened their offices and so opened stock exchanges. And as the rest is history, the stock market went on to register huge gains till now.

    At the time of the filing of this report Dow Jones Industrial Average was up by 230 points or 2.4 percent. It is certainly a huge gain for the market and people couldn’t be happier than this. Dow Jones was at 11,514.60.

    S&P 500 INDEX     was at 1,206.14 points. This means that it had made gains of 29.34 points or 2.49 percent. For S&P that has been rocked in recent weeks, this must seem like a great positive performance.

    Nasdaq Composite Index was at 2,552.60 level or up by 72.75 points. It was by close to three percentage points.