US Dem, GOP at odds over Iran nuclear deal

US Dem, GOP at odds over Iran nuclear deal

US Dem, GOP at odds over Iran nuclear deal

WASHINGTON: The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA),” reached Lausanne, Switzerland, by the P5+1 group, the EU and Iran on the latter’s nuclear program, drew mixed reactions by the US Democrats and the Republicans late Thursday. While the Democrats welcomed the framework deal as historic, the Republicans lashed the agreement for permitting Iran to pursue the uranium enrichment activities.

Former State Secretary Hillary Clinton – a Democrat, said: “President (Barack Obama) and Secretary (John) Kerry have been persistent and determined in pursuit of this goal, building on a decade of bipartisan pressure and diplomacy.” “Getting the rest of the way to a final deal by June won’t be easy, but it is absolutely crucial,” she added.

Meanwhile, Governor of Florida Jeb Bush – a Republican said: “The reported details of the Iran deal include significant concessions to a nation whose leaders call for death to America and the destruction of Israel.” “Iran remains a major destabilizing force in the region, working against American interests. “Today, the Obama administration has agreed to remove US and international sanctions, while permitting Iran to enrich uranium using most of the centrifuges in use today, conduct research into faster, next generation centrifuges, maintain an underground, hardened facility at Fordow, and expand its ballistic missile capabilities.US senate building

“Nothing in the deal described by the administration this afternoon would justify lifting US and international sanctions, which were the product of many years of bipartisan effort. “I cannot stand behind such a flawed agreement,” he added.

On his part, Republican Senator Marco Rubio, of Florida, said: “This attempt to spin diplomatic failure as a success is just the latest example of this administration’s farcical approach to Iran.” Sen. Ted Cruz, of Texas – republican, said: “The very first step for any deal, good or bad, should be submitting it to Congress.” “Now everything President Obama has said up to this date has suggested that he is going to do everything he can to circumvent Congress,” Cruz added.

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