Unusual IMBH Black Hole May Throw Light On Evolution

Unusual IMBH Black Hole May Throw Light On Evolution

Unusual IMBH Black Hole May Throw Light On Evolution   

The newly discovered black hole that is among the rarest of the rare is expected to give new insights into the evolution. Astronomers cannot actually stop talking about it.

Many astronomers have become so much excited with the finding of this far away black hole that they have said that it may be a missing link as far as evolution is concerned.

The new black home has been discovered by two very efficient space observatories including data procured from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory besides the European Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) Network.

Now the researchers have come out with observation that they have found an “intermediate-mass black hole” (IMBH).

black hole Neutron StarsIt is needless to say that researchers are super excited with the new development. Lead researcher Mar Mezcua of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics says, “In paleontology, the discovery of certain fossils can help scientists fill in the evolutionary gaps between different dinosaurs…We do the same thing in astronomy, but we often have to ‘dig’ up our discoveries in galaxies that are millions of light years away.”

Scientists divide the black hole in two major categories including stellar-mass black holes that are around 5-30 times the mass of the Sun, and supermassive black holes, which are found at the center of most galaxies and weigh millions or even billions times the Sun’s mass. Researchers are of the view that the recently discovered black hole actually falls under this category.

This black hole is neither too big nor small in conventional terms. Astronomers claim that this IMBH, called NGC2276-3c, with a mass of as much as 50,000 times that of the Sun will reveal truth about the evolution of the universe.

Study co-author Tim Roberts, of the University of Durham while talking about the new discovery says, “Astronomers have been looking very hard for these medium-sized black holes…There have been hints that they exist, but the IMBHs have been acting like a long-lost relative that isn’t interested in being found.”

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