Under suspension AMUSU President expelled from the University


    ALIGARH: On the recommendations of the Discipline Committee, the Vice Chancellor of the Aligarh Muslim University has ordered that the admission of Mr. Shahzad Alam, a PhD scholar, be cancelled with immediate effect from the rolls of the University.

    Shahzad has been debarred from seeking admission in AMU for the next five academic sessions from 2013-14 onwards and the University has been placed out of bound for him for the above five year period. Mr. Shahzad will also be issued a migration certificate and he will have to pay a sum of Rs. 35,940 to the University Guest House, failing which legal action will be initiated against him for its recovery.

    Shahzad Alam was found involved in activities unbecoming of a University student and also of an office bearer of the AMU Students’ Union. Further, as President of the AMU Students’ Union, Mr. Shahzad Alam was found lavish in expenditure of money from students’ funds. He withdrew a sum of Rs. 14,90,000 as an advance and spent a huge sum improperly within a period of two months.

    The expulsion order states that in just two months he has spent Rs. 77,800 on tea and snacks and Rs. 74,130 on Photostat under his authority and orders. He also spent a sum of Rs. 33,350 on account of travel which is exorbitant of a student. He took multiple advances of funds but failed to produce convincing and reasonable account of the same.

    The order further said that “no assets, except one printer costing Rs. 6000 has been created out of the funds given to him”. It is evident that there has been gross misuse of Students’ Union funds.