UFO video by Department of Homeland Security best ever sightings of 2015

UFO video by Department of Homeland Security best ever sightings of 2015

UFO video by Department of Homeland Security best ever sightings of 2015

UFO sightings are becoming commonplace these days. One after the other, sightings are keeping people glued to more and more information about the unidentified flying objects.

But no one thought as to what was in store. A video of an unidentified flying object (UFO) coming out from a water body has fuelled alien theories all over again.

A video by US Department of Homeland Security seems to be the most genuine video that experts claim has come out thus far showing a UFO.

UFOA few experts who are associated with the Scientific Coalition for Ufology (SCU) claim that they investigated the said video by the US Department of Homeland Security and found that it seems genuine.

Nonetheless it must be added here that till now almost every video, even the grainiest of them all, have been said to be very genuine.

The report from self styled UFO experts claim that the suspected flying object came from the sea and “split in to two spacecrafts, while hovering over an undisclosed area”. SCU experts wonder as to how the object split into two and claim that no flying “thing” can split into two while continue flying at the same speed at which it was flying.

Scientific Coalition for Ufology report even talks about the speed at which it was flying when caught on camera. It says that the UFO was travelling at around 90 mile per hour(144kms) beneath the ocean and at around 120mph after emerging from the water body. The group claims that it spent as long as two years investigating the footage before releasing a 161-page report and going public for the first time this week. It claims that at least six ‘well-known’ scientists and researchers actually conducted a thorough inquiry into the UFO sighting.

Meanwhile one of the top experts on the UFO, Nick Pope, says, “Assuming the video isn’t a clever hoax – which is always a possibility these days – it’s a fascinating piece of footage…About the only conventional explanation that might fit the bill is that this is some new drone, but the entry and exit from the sea and the apparent splitting in two of the object makes even this explanation seem unlikely.

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