UFO sighting near International Space Station in NASA video creates ripples

UFO sighting near International Space Station in NASA video creates ripples

UFO sighting near International Space Station in NASA video creates ripples 

This is not the run of the mill type of Unidentified Flying Object (UFO). There have been innumerable UFO sightings in almost every part of the world for the last around sixty years or so, but no other UFO sighting probably created as much excitement as the latest sighting.

While in the last couple of years we saw reports of UFO sightings from Siberia, India, Australia, different parts of United States, besides of course UK and many other places in the world, but this sighting is completely different from all the past sightings.

Merely last week a very close encounter with UFO was witnessed and was saved on camera. A UFO came dangerously close to a Virgin Atlantic aircraft in New York City and it was saved on camera and promptly put on Youtube with a commentary accompanying the footage.

dragon-at-space-stationNonetheless this UFO is sighting around 300 miles up in the sky. YouTube UFO hunter UFO Lou claims of sighting a mysterious UFO or ET phenomenon on NASA’s live video from the International Space station. If our imagination can stretch to UFO flying in skies, it can also certainly stretch to the International Space Station.

In the meantime more details are coming out. A report by UFO Lou claims that he was baffled because he has never seen anything like the “unknown object” before. According to the source, the live video from NASA’s ISS uploaded to YouTube on August 10, 2015, shows an “unknown object” moving to and fro near an astronaut performing extravehicular activity (EVA). While talking about the unexplained object the UFO hunter says, “No idea what this is. I just hit the record button on capture software. Sorry folks, comments disabled – I can’t answer any of your questions about this. Others should have recorded it too.”

If this was not enough more UFO watchers have other details about the latest sighting. Another UFO expert Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily says that he has actually noticed the similarity between the “unknown object” and strange UFOs believed to be alien creatures reportedly sighted during the famous 1996 “Tether Incident.” While talking about it he says, “This UFO is similar to the UFOs seen during the ‘Tether Incident’ from back in 1996. Like those UFOs, this one appears to be the same shape, and moves the same. Those UFOs are believed to be alive. They are creatures that live in space, like a jellyfish lives in water. Usually they can only be seen with NASAs infrared camera, so I’m not sure why we can see it, but maybe because NASA installed two HD seven million dollar cameras last year.”

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