UFO sightings 2015: Alien UFO Creature observed in space close to ISS astronaut

UFO sightings 2015: Alien UFO Creature observed in space close to ISS astronaut

UFO sightings 2015: Alien UFO Creature observed in space close to ISS astronaut

This seems to be the season of Unknown Flying Objects or (UFOs). Almost on weekly basis we seem to be sighting one UFO or the other. Unlike the past most of the viewers get time to even make videos of such occasions.

I find it hard to swallow as to how people in almost all the parts of the world have their cameras or smartphones ready to make videos as soon as they spot a UFO. Every Tom, Dick or Harry seems to be successful enough to not just get a good image, or a good video, but also put such videos on Youtube. Amazingly most of these images tend to go viral as soon as these are put on either Youtube or shared on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

If the last week’s UFO sighting in New York was not enough YouTube UFO hunter UFO Lou claims of sighting a mysterious UFO or ET phenomenon on NASA’s live video from the International Space station. If our imagination can stretch to UFO flying in skies, it can also certainly stretch to the International Space Station.

ISS orbitA report by UFO Lou claims that he was baffled because he has never seen anything like the “unknown object” before. According to the source, the live video from NASA’s ISS uploaded to YouTube on August 10, 2015, shows an “unknown object” moving to and fro near an astronaut performing extravehicular activity (EVA).

While talking about the unexplained object the UFO hunter says, “No idea what this is. I just hit the record button on capture software. Sorry folks, comments disabled – I can’t answer any of your questions about this. Others should have recorded it too.”

There are more rumors about the object doing the rounds. Another UFO expert Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily says that he has actually noticed the similarity between the “unknown object” and strange UFOs believed to be alien creatures reportedly sighted during the famous 1996 “Tether Incident.”

While talking about it he says, “This UFO is similar to the UFOs seen during the ‘Tether Incident’ from back in 1996. Like those UFOs, this one appears to be the same shape, and moves the same. Those UFOs are believed to be alive. They are creatures that live in space, like a jellyfish lives in water. Usually they can only be seen with NASAs infrared camera, so I’m not sure why we can see it, but maybe because NASA installed two HD seven million dollar cameras last year.”

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