Lawler beats Condit to retain title: UFC 195 full fight highlights (video)

Lawler beats Condit to retain title: UFC 195 full fight highlights (video)

Lawler beats Condit to retain title: UFC 195 full fight highlights (video)

This is going to be a great occasion for fighting enthusiasts across the world. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is holding its latest UFC 195 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The fight that is being awaited the most is none other than the welterweight title fight between Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit.

There is no denying the fact that the fights hold great interest for MMA fans across the world. You can enjoy all the action LIVE with a PPV main card start time of 10 p.m. ET.Ufc

Who: Robbie Lawler vs. Carlos Condit
What: UFC 195
When: Sat., Jan. 2, 2015, beginning at 6:30 p.m. ET on UFC Fight Pass
Where: MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada

How To Watch: Main card at 10 p.m ET on PPV; FOX Sports 1 “Prelims” under card at 8 p.m. ET; and UFC Fight Pass early “Prelims” at 6:30 p.m. ET.

Both Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit are great fighters and have earned respect with their impeccable records. Thirty three year old Robbie Lawler is an American professional mixed martial artist and current Welterweight champion, where he is the current UFC Welterweight Champion. A professional competitor since 2001, Lawler is also a former EliteXC Middleweight Champion, and has formerly competed in Strikeforce, PRIDE, and the IFL. Since December 6, 2014, Lawler has held the UFC Welterweight Championship.

On the other hand Conduit too comes with great past. UFC interim Welterweight kingpin Carlos Condit — is also known for putting on violent spectacles inside the Octagon, and his savage beating of Thiago Alves last May reminded fight fans just how dangerous and exciting the “Natural Born Killer” can be. So stay tuned.

Round 1 – Two fearsome fighters take on each other in a great fight. Low kick from Carlos, his back toward the cage. Lawler pressing. He blocks a high kick. Body kick from Carlos. Low kick from Carlos catches on the foot. Low inside kick. Lawler attacks with punches and lands a couple. Condit tags Lawler with a right that drops him. He gets right up, elbow from Condit against the cage. Lawler was smiling when he got up. Condit lands a couple more shots. Condit looking big. Body kick. Nice right from Condit. Condit’s striking is looking beautiful. That MovNat training is paying off I think. Lawler with a counter combo. Condit pressing now. He lands a left. Nice low inside kick from Carlos. Body kick and a left hook from Condit after switching stances. Front kick from Condit. 10-9 Condit.

Round 2 – Body kick from Lawler. Body kick from Condit. Inside low kick from Condit. Outside. Knee to the body from Condit. Robbie whiffs on a couple short hooks. Condit gets dropped with a big right hand during an exchange. Robbie goes for the finish but Condit ties him up. Lawler stands and lets him up. Carlos seems relatively okay. This is a crazy fight. Both guys have been dropped now. Head kick from Condit backs Lawler up for a moment. Condit walks into a couple hard punches. Quick punches from Lawler. Condit with some leg kicks and a body kick. Condit rushes in and they both swing but neither land. 10-9 Lawler.

Round 3 – Low kick from Carlos. More kicks from The Natural Born Killer. Lawler comes in swinging for the chin hard, head kick. He backs Condit up with hard fast punches. Condit walks into an elbow. He goofs about it. Carlos moving forward. Robbie looking to counter. Robbie catches a body kick, delivers a low kick. Carlos pressing. Knee from Condit to the body, another one. Robbie drops levels for a takedown, stuffed. They separate. Right from Condit. Body kick. Low kick from Robbie. Close round.

Round 4 – Low kick from Condit. Robbie pressing. Right counter from Robbie. Carlos moving forward now. Now Robbie. Condit with an inside leg kick that buckles Lawler to the ground. He gets right up and lands a straight left. He’s getting aggressive. Condit fires back with a combo. Head kick from Condit. Condit coming in with punches, eats a Lawler combo. Condit pressuring. Body kick. Inside low kick from Condit. Body kick from Condit. Right from Condit. Robbie’s hurt, he’s talking to condit. Condit’s pouring it on with punches and a spin kick, knees. Robbie survives. 10-9 Condit.

Round 5 – Lawler probably needs a finish. Here he comes. He lands a right. Carlos gets out of there. Robbie presses again with punches. Condit gets away again and fires back. Big right/left combo from Lawler. Punch combo and body kick from Condit. Condit teeing off with crazy combos. 3 minutes to go. Lawler looking for that KO. Condit going nuts with the punch combos. He seems to have Robbie figured out. Head kick from Condit. Robbie with a big right backs Condit up. Condit fires back. He eats a huge left. Lawler is going for the kill. Condit won’t go down and he standing right in the pocket with Lawler now, they’re flailing all over the cage. 40 seconds to go. They look at the clock. Both guys bloodied and battered. They both throw everything they have into the final moments and the crowd goes insane. Both guys fully drained drape their hands over the cage while standing next to one another. One of the greatest rounds of action you will ever see. I thought Carlos won and I think the stats will show that.

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