UFC 190 Ronda Rousey fight video most watched MMA footage: Can she beat Floyd Mayweather Jr

UFC 190 Ronda Rousey fight video most watched MMA footage: Can she beat Floyd Mayweather Jr
UFC 190 Ronda Rousey fight video most watched MMA footage: Can she beat Floyd Mayweather Jr
Ronda Rousey has caught the imagination of the masses across the US and beyond. The beautiful lass who looks most affable when giving an interview on television of showing her cleavage in numerous television shows turns into baddest person once inside the octagon.
Following the spectacular success of Jone Jones she seems to be the biggest thing to have happened to Dana White’s Ultimate Fighting Championship.
The 28 year old, 11-time UFC title winner who has made it to 12 without loss was in a form that could have beaten many UFC fighters among men too beat her competitor in just 34 seconds. And mind you she was not facing someone of lesser stature. Brazilian Bethe Correia has been around in the UFC for a long time and has a good reputation of her own. The most amazing thing was the fact that Ronda Rousey didn’t use her trademark armbar to win the fight, instead she used her jabs and punches to take her opponent by surprise and all was over in just 34 seconds flat.
Now she is among the biggest and most sought after fighter in the US. The sort of respect she has earned for herself seems to be simply unbelievable. But similarly unbelievable are her wins that leave you in awe of her power. Her punches are faster than the speed of your eyes and her hand moves many a times without you noticing it.
Now there are some people who are asking that Ronda Rousey should be pitted against the king of boxing Floyd Mayweather Jr. but there are report that she has said she won’t do it and she thinks it sends the wrong message and that the only time she could see herself fighting Mayweather would be if they were dating.
Nonetheless Clay Travis in an article on Fox says that the fight will be the biggest money maker in the history of sports and may make the two richer by as much as $250 million each. “…Mayweather’s all about the money and Rousey is too. It’s the business they chose. And if Rousey fought Mayweather in a UFC match the entire country would watch and both fighters would make $250 million or more. (Mayweather-Pacquiao did $410 million in revenue.) Rousey-Mayweather would do north of $500 million in buys. This would be the most popular pay-per-view event in sports history. And we might never see its equal in our lifetimes”.

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