Cain Velasquez beats Antonio Silva


    It was a disappointing match as it ended in the first round itself. Here are UFC 160 live results and Cain Velasquez vs Antonio Silva 2 full fight analysis (video)

    Antonio Bigfoot Silva had said that he rejoiced being underestimated by his opponents. He had also claimed that he loves to amaze his opponents who underestimate him and give him an opportunity to astonish them by beating them easily.

    But if he wanted to replicate any of these things here tonight, he was simply mistaken. Cain Velasquez not underestimated him but simply overestimated him and had said yesterday that he expected a five round fight in the octagon. This seems that he was preparing himself for a long bout and that after seeing Bigfoot Silva fight his opponents in the last two fights, he had closely studied him and his style of fighting. It will be just an understatement to tell that he was prepared for the fight today. He was well prepared and showed to the world as to why he is respected so much by UFC and MMA fans across the world.

    By praising Bigfoot Silva prior to the fight today he simply tried to infuse a new interest in the fight. He had beaten him with ease in their last outing in May last year, and people wouldn’t have been very excited to watch the match today if they knew that it is going to be again a first round knockout like the last time. By the way who wants to spend so much money on a no show at all.

    But his nice words aside, he had kept his killing instinct and lethal power intact and when the fight began in the octagon, he just pounced on Bigfoot Silva like a lion on a lamb and lo the fight was over. Yes it was a first round knockout in store again for Bigfoot.

    We know that Velasquez has best wrestling skills in the MMA today besides of course he has an edge in martial art over his all other opponents in the UF and he used a combination of all these to beat Silva. As soon as the fight began, Cain Velasquez landed a huge punch against Silva and then tried a takedown. Initially Silva defended well but then there was another takedown effort from Velasquez. It was blocked well, but Velasquez didn’t give up and tries another and then hits a huge punch that forces Silva on the ground. He pounces on the opportunity and continues to hit punches on a hapless Silva till the referee calls off fight.