UFC 142 results: Jose Aldo vs Chad Mendes fight video goes viral


    UFC 142 results are out. Meanwhile Jose Aldo vs Chad Mendes fight video has gone viral

    Jose Aldo proved that he remained invincible despite being faced with some hiccups in recent times. He is a great fighter and has amply proved it to all his detractors. He is a man of few words and responds every doubt with more and more powerful punches and kicks and of course take downs.

    The way he beat Chad Mendes was superb. His fans are excited across the world. One fan has this to say, “I would like to see a couple lightweights drop down to 145. To give aldo some more challenges cause he is quick. Clearing out the division that at this point is not real deep. Edgar and guida would both fit well at 145. Maybe if Edgar losses to Bendo he will drop down that would be an awesome fight I think Guida would be more successful at 145 to I don’t think he will ever get past the top 3 or 4 guys at 155 to ever even get a title shot there and dennis siver already dropped to 145”.

    The fight was so one sided and without any counterattack from Chad Mendes that people felt disappointed. Many said that they were there to see a meaningful, full of action fight, but that remained a dream.

    Fighting in Rio de Janeiro is a fuel to Aldo, as he hasn’t fought here since 2007, and when he did, the results were usually fantastic. There was a 20 second KO via soccer kicks over Aritano Barbosa in 2005, and a unanimous decision over ultra-tough Fabio Mello, just to name two. The fight against Barbosa was a memorable one, and not just for the result, but because it showed the stark contrast between fighting in Rio nearly seven years ago compared to fighting here now with the UFC in his adopted home city.

    While talking about the fight against Barbosa he says, “That fight was (laughs)…we were starting, the crowd was on their feet because no seats were available, and I got pumped about that,” he says. “It was a sold out place with people screaming and giving me their support, and man, I’m seeing this scene again now, but with a bigger crowd, everybody able to sit down, and I’ll go for the knockout with the support of my hometown fans.”

    After beating Mendes Aldus said, “This is the spirit I wanted to come out with tonight…The fans here gave me so much energy. We knew Chad was going to try to take me off my feet. We prepared for that and I had a chance to land the knee. It connected and I finished the fight. I was so overcome with emotion that I wanted to celebrate with my people.”

    On the other hand his opponent Mendes who clearly looked beaten and lost was all praise for the champion. “Jose’s a great champion…He’s a tough dude. That was the best I felt for any fight, and he got me”, said he in the post fight press conference.