UFC 142 fight card and live results: Aldo vs Mendes fight preview


    Aldo vs Mendes UFC 142 fight is going to be great. Meanwhile UFC 142 fight card is attracting attention from across the world. Here you can see live results of the fight as the day progresses.

    UFC 142 is going to begin within an hour or so in Rio de Janeiro and the stakes are high for many of the fighters. Brazilian fans are going to enjoy the fights after a long time in their own backyards.

    Aldo vs. Mendes is going to be among the most interesting fights of the night. Though Aldo has lost much of the sheen in recent years, nonetheless, he is still a formidable force with hundreds of thousands of fans scattered across the world.

    Both Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes are great fighters. Jose Aldo seems to have impressed the MMA world for a long time. He has been the combined WEC / UFC Featherweight champion for more than two years. Jose Aldo has defended the belt a total of four times, including two defenses in the UFC. This is the fifth time in a row that he will be in the octagon defending his belt. During this time, he’s moved up the ranks to be considered one of the top pound for pound fighters in the world by many fans and analysts.

    On the other hand Chad Mendes is no pushover either. He has developed into a balanced fighter ready to beat whoever comes his way. The 11-0 fighter is one of the best wrestlers in the class who trains with Aldo’s former foe Urijah Faber as part of Team Alpha Male. Mendes is also 2-0 in the UFC. His great wrestling background gives him and his fans good reasons to believe that he has the chance against Jose Aldo tonight.

    Experts say that it is the first time that Jose Aldo is facing a credible fighter who has earned so much praise for his wrestling qualities. An analyst says, “We’ve also seen Aldo struggle with the weight cut to 145 pounds and talk openly about leaving the division. Against Mark Hominick, Aldo slowed in the later rounds. Mendes, like his Alpha Male teammates, can push a furious pace. He’s never been in a five round championship fight, but if he can keep the pace on Aldo, it could be his path to upsetting the champion.”