Twitter updates live video streaming app Periscope for iOS

Twitter updates live video streaming app Periscope for iOS

Twitter updates live video streaming app Periscope for iOS

Twitter that has been under pressure to improve its reach has come out with a new product to attract more people towards it. Till now, Facebook seems to have impacted its growth in a big way.

Now the micro-blogging site has come out with a live streaming video app Periscope that is aimed at iOS devices alone. The company seems to be working hard to attract devoted Apple fanboys to it.

It is now almost a week when the Periscope was launched. Now Twitter has released a new update that comes with many new features that make it all the more attractive. Analysts have hailed the new Twitter app as one of the greatest social media platforms, with the help of Twitter.twitter-periscopetwitter buy button

Analysts believe that it is going to make Twitter all the more enticing. Periscope comes with several useful new features. Periscope 1.0.2 comes with spam blockers and tracker for broadcast, this shows the success of the applications with a few days of launch.

While talking about the new features the founders of Periscope say: “What if you could see through the eyes of a protester in Ukraine? Or watch the sunrise from a hot-air balloon in Cappadocia? It may sound crazy, but we wanted to build the closest thing to teleportation.” It is needless to say that the latest update is going to help the users as they can now re-imagine the home screen of the iOS application and it divides the screen into two different parts, Friends and Global.

Besides, the Twitter enthusiasts will also be able to check various stuffs that are subscribed by you and in the meanwhile, users can easily check various incidents happening around them.

Experts enthusiasm about the new app also stems from a new Periscope feature. It comes with a feature called as Followers Only, which allows the users to broadcast videos to only a limited number of people according to their wishes. This way a user can pinpoint as to who will be able to see it or not.

The popularity of this application lies behind the combination of features found in this application and that makes this one more unique.

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