Turkey snap poll only option now as talks between AK Party and CHP fail

Turkey snap poll only option now as talks between AK Party and CHP fail

Turkey snap poll only option now as talks between AK Party and CHP fail

Coalition talks between Turkey’s ruling AK Party and the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) ended negatively on Thursday, as Prime Minister Ahmet DavutoÄŸlu said in a press conference afterwards that the AK Party tried its best to not to leave Turkey without a government.

“I’m sure that our nation witnessed this,” PM DavutoÄŸlu said as he requested the nation’s Parliament to call for early elections.

While speaking at the press conference held after the meeting between the two parties the prime minister made it clear that the talks ended negatively saying, “Snap elections have become the only option for Turkey.”

He added that ‘no common ground was found’ between the two sides as talks ended, with Turkey yet to form a government.

PM DavutoÄŸlu stated that when he was authorized by President ErdoÄŸan to form a government, all other options without the AK Party were already exhausted.

He explained the differences of the two parties’ ideologies saying, “It is obvious that the AK Party and the CHP have deep conflicting opinions,” the PM further added, “This is only natural.”

“The outcome is negative,” the an official for the AK Party told Reuters by phone, without giving further details following a meeting between Prime Minister Ahmet DavutoÄŸlu and CHP leader Kemal KılıçdaroÄŸlu.

A senior AK Party official has said chances of coalition with the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) are ‘very slim’ and that early elections in November are highly likely.

Prime Minister Ahmet DavutoÄŸlu has called his party’s Central Executive Board (MYK) for an emergency meeting following the final meeting with CHP chairman.

The lira currency weakened to a record low of 2.81 to the dollar on the news.

The AK Party failed to win a parliamentary majority in an election on June 7, leaving it unable to govern alone for the first time since it came to power in 2002.

DavutoÄŸlu has until Aug. 23 to find a junior coalition partner or President Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan could call a snap election. The AK Party is now expected to hold talks with the nationalist opposition MHP, which has hinted it could support a minority AKP government in the short term if it leads to a new election.

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