Total lunar eclipse 2014: Moon to be painted red April 14-15


Moon is all set to be painted red on April 14-15 as total lunar eclipse 2014 becomes the most talked about thing in the world.


The lunar eclipse is already a talking point across the world more than a fortnight before it will be a reality. Sky watchers and astronomers are certainly excited with the prospect of watching the eclipse when the Earth will come between the sun and the moon.


lunar eclipse 2It will be a total lunar eclipse and the beautiful moon will go complete dark. Earth will completely eclipse the moon and will block sun’s powerful lights reaching the moon.

This time it is going to be a rather interesting and long lunar eclipse that will begin with partial eclipse. The partial eclipse will begin when the moon enters Earth’s umbral shadow.

A few hours later we will witness the total eclipse beginning with the middle of totality at 3:36 a.m.  This totality lunar eclipse will last for around an hour and fifteen minutes or for 77 minutes to be precise.

The best thing about the lunar eclipse on 15 April is the fact that it will be taking place when the weather will be good and sky is expected to remain clear. So people will be able to enjoy the eclipse without any problem.