Total lunar eclipse 2014 April 15 time: Watch live


This is one of the most talked about matter among sky-watchers. Total lunar eclipse 2014 April 15 time will be great. You can watch live on Slooh

There is good news for stargazers who for so many days had been waiting for total eclipse of the moon. The historic moment has come and they should gird up to watch the spectacular moment unfold. But the question is how to get ready for it. It is understood that the most-talked about total eclipse of the year will be taking place from 9:55 p.m. on Monday evening.

lunar eclipse 2But the moon is going to be fully eclipsed at about 12:07 a.m. According to astronomers, eclipse maximum is at 12:46. During this moment, the moon will enter the Earth’s umbra. And it is this time when there will be complete shadow. That is not the end of the whole process. As time passes, the moon will continue to get progressively darker. It will move deeper into the umbra.


But for stargazers this something that should not be concerned about. They main aim has to be to watch the total eclipse that may not stay for long. The only good thing about the process is that it could be seen from naked eyes only in some parts of the world. Also, they should not worry about the weather. According to astronomers and researchers, who have been following the progress of total eclipse, the moon will not disappear from sight during totality.