Toshiba ultrabook makes waves at CES 2012, shows Windows 8 specs


    Toshiba ultrabook has been making waves at CES 2012. The fact that ultrabook has also shown Windows 8 specs, has made it more popular

    Toshiba is in the rumour mill and the latest is that there is an unnamed ultrabook by Toshiba and the prototype model has a 14 inch screen. The hardware is no doubt very impressive but what stands out is that it comes loaded with an early version of Windows 8.

    So, with this Toshiba is going to take on 2012. The specs of the machine are that it runs on a 1.3Ghz Corei3 processor and 4GB of RAM. It has been endowed by Toshiba with a 128GB SSD drive. The Windows 8 interface runs on some as yet unspecified integrated graphics.

    Windows 8 is to run on current-generation hardware with exceptional performance. But there is also some user interface barrier to be overcome by Windows 8 as the trackpad action did not work on the laptop. But since this is a very early prototype of Windows 8, there is a lot of fixing up yet to be done that would be resolved once the final version hits the market.

    The way Windows 8 handles relatively light hardware, gives a very hopeful sign for future when the software will finally be out. This augurs pretty well for the rest of 2012 when we can happily wait for gadgets of all shapes and sizes, like ultrabooks and tablets, coming equipped with the new software.

    At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Toshiba hosted a party Sunday night and gave clear hints of what are expected to be the main focal points of the show this year for the firm.

    Toshiba would concentrate on some notable products in three key areas – Ultrabooks, tablets and 3D television sets. CES 2012 will see ultrabooks to be the firm’s major themes. Ultrabooks are supposed to be the answer to Apple’s MacBook Air. The term ultrabook was coined by Intel Corp. to refer to very-thin, full-powered laptops that are extremely portable and physically stand between the laptop and the tablet. Intel would host a press conference on Monday morning to showcase some of its chipset offerings for the category.

    Last year Toshiba launched an ultrabook model called the Portege. It has a 13-inch screen and weighs about 2.5 pounds. In the party Toshiba also showed a larger 14 inch screen model of the same ultrabook. However, it refrained from releasing a launch date of pricing of the new model.

    It has also come out with an ultra- thin 10-inch tablet called the Excite. Though Toshiba struggled to compete with Apple over  the iPad’s overwhelming success to promote its Android tablets, but Excite is a pretty good effort in the way. Excite does a good job of adding to the value of the company’s product offers coming in at just 0.3 inches thick. Excite is expected to come out in the market in the first half of the year and again Toshiba has refrained from revealing the price of the attractive tablet.