Tibetans mark 60th anniversary of controversial 17-point agreement

Tibetans mark 60th anniversary of controversial 17-point agreement

Paonta Sahib: Regional Tibetan Youth Congress and Regional Tibetan Women Association staged a candle light vigil march rally on Monday with around 300 members protested the China Tibetan Agreement of 1951

Organized by the RTYC and RTWA Paonta Sahib and Puruwala, the rally marked the 60th anniversary of the controversial 17-point agreement. The protester said that the 17-point agreement was forcefully imposed by Chinese authorities on the Tibetan delegation. Marching through the streets of Paonta , the protestors holding Tibetan flags and banner, raised slogan against the Chinese authorities and asked for India’s as well as the world community’s support for their cause.

We want support from Indian Government and Indian people,all the world, so that’s why we are here. We are against the 17-point agreement imposed on 60 years ago, said NGOs President.

The controversial agreement has compelled Tibet to coexist with people’s Republic of China, allowing the country to legitimize its claim on the vast, resource-rich Tibetan  land.

In 1950-, Chinese troops marched into Tibet and occupied it. An estimate 134,000 Tibetan live in exile, a majority of them in India and Nepal.

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