Tibetans in Himachal mark Uprising Day


    Nahan: To day is the 50th anniversary of the Tibetan people’s peaceful uprising day.  Thousands of brave Tibetans lost 


    their precious human life for raising their voices against Red Chinese aggression in the year 1959 at Lhasa, capital city of Tibet.

    To pay homage to those heroic men and women of Tibet, as well as to show solidarity to those Tibetans who are still suffering under Chinese repression, four Tibetan settlements and CST school, Bhupper, of Sirmour District jointly organized the eight hours fasting and candle light vigil to commemorate the occasion.

    During the eight round of talk held in November 2008 between the envoy of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Chinese authority, Tibetan presented the memorandum of genuine autonomy and how the basic needs of the Tibetan nationality for autonomy and self-government can be met as Chinese side has invited to present Tibetan view on the form of autonomy during seven round of talk in July 2008.

    Unfortunately Chinese side has rejected the memorandum in its totality, branding it as an attempt at “semi-independence” and “independence in disguise” and, for that reason, unacceptable.

    And on this 50th anniversary of the Tibetan National uprising, Tibetan people strongly appeal to the people around the world to stand with them and stand for justice.

    Tibetans expressed gratitude on the occasion to the people around the world including the Chinese people and especially to the Indian people and Indian Government to preserve rich cultural heritage in such critical period in our history.