Three Cases of Leprosy Reported in Florida: Armadillos blamed

Three Cases of Leprosy Reported in Florida: Armadillos blamed

Three Cases of Leprosy Reported in Florida: Armadillos blamed

Florida leprosy cases have stunned most people in the US. People thought that leprosy is a thing of past at least in this part of the world and that it was only confined to sub-Saharan Africa or South Asia.

But the latest cases of leprosy reported in Florida have proved that it is not the case and that there are still chances of people getting infected by it.

But thankfully the issue and its implications seem to be limited.

leprosyExperts have claimed that the cases –at least three confirmed cases of leprosy –were actually caused by these people’s contacts with armadillos.

Thus far health officials have confirmed that three people have been hit by leprosy in Florida’s Volusia County. Hansen’s disease (also known as leprosy) is a long-lasting infection caused by bacteria. The disease was once feared as a highly contagious and devastating disease. Now, however, the disease is very rare and easily treated. Early diagnosis and treatment usually prevent disability related to the disease.

While talking about the outbreak Dr. David Scollard, the director of the National Hansen’s disease (Leprosy) Program, says, “There’s a fair amount of interaction between armadillos and people. People see armadillos in the garden, they keep them as pets, they shoot them and eat them – there’s more interaction with armadillos than you might think.” Experts claim that armadillos actually carry the infection but only the special species of 9-branded armadillos. Most leprosy cases in the United States are diagnosed in the southern part of the country including Florida, Texas and Louisiana. Other areas are free from it.

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