#TheDress demystified: Study clears the picture

#TheDress demystified: Study clears the picture

#TheDress demystified: Study clears the picture

#TheDress is not going to be forgotten anytime soon. After months of remaining in headlines now there is a detailed study about it claiming how it looked different to different people. It was something that repeatedly brought the internet down and was discussed the most on social networking platforms for weeks without even a pause.

While some people swore that #TheDress was blue and black, equally large number of people claimed that it was gold and white.

But none of the combinations were actually true and it has come out now that the dress was made of pixels that were only brown and blue.

But more importantly scientists have found that people’s perception of color is actually very different and that a color may look very different to other people. Researchers have concluded that it is all to do with the way our brains filter light.white dress blue dress or gold

Researchers while trying to analyze how people perceived color analyzed more than 1,400 people. It included even 300 people who hadn’t heard of The Dress controversy. The study concluded that people could be divided in three broad categories, blue and black, white and gold or blue and brown groups.

Dr Bevil Conway, a renowned neuroscientist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology says that what colour stripes participants saw may have corresponded to whether their brains expect to experience artificial “indoor” or natural “outdoor” light. “The big open question is what causes these differences in the population…One framework for understanding why you get these variations is to consider how light is contaminated by outside illumination, such as a blue sky or incandescent light…Your visual system has to decide whether it gets rid of shorter, bluer wavelengths of light, or the longer, redder wavelengths, and that decision may change how you see The Dress”, says Dr Conway.

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