BY | September 30, 2013

The handset has become the biggest success in the history of smartphones. Here we take a look at ten best iPhone 5S cases and covers with good features, price

This year we have two fresh iPhone variants; iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C. The first one is an upgrade to the premium model, while the latter one is a budget alternate. Well, the new iPhone 5S has nearly the same look of its predecessor with the same display, same dimensions and outline as well.

So will work the same cases and covers for both iPhone 5 and the new iPhone 5S. Still case makers have produced a lot more new cases for the device. Let’s check out ten interesting iPhone 5S cases and covers below.

Stickygram Case: It is a case for avid Instagram users. If you love the pic sharing app a lot, you can buy the Stickygram case engraved with your favorite Instagram images and so is a great chance for you to show up your Instagram snaps to an offline community also. You can change layout of the case, and the customized iPhone 5S case comes for $34.99.

Incipio Kicksnap: This iPhone 5S case is great for protecting your device from abrasions and bumps thanks to its polycarbonate outer. But, what you can find as its unique selling point is its kickstand that as you know will help you prop up your gadget straight so that you can have a nice viewing angle for watching video and slideshows. It case comes for £22.

Otterbox Defender: It is a brilliant case that can provide three-pronged protection for the new iPhone. It features durable and solid multi-layered polycarbonate and silicone materials that can stoutly cover the screen, rear panel and sides of the device from bumps and falls. The Otterbox case is priced at £39.95.

Pantone Universe Snap-on: This is a simple and lightweight protective case for the new iPhone. This snap-on case features Pantone’s polished in-mold decoration technology, which is a long-lasting coloring technique. You can buy the case for £19 in a range of fabulous colors that include Blue Atoll, Purple Cactus Flower and Dandelion.

Belkin Lego Builder Case: If you have some more craze left for LEGO bricks of your childhood, it is the best case you can use to secure your iPhone 5S from bumps and abrasions. Aside its scratch resistance and shock absorbent potential, the Lego Builder case from Belkin lets you enjoy a retro feeling, and it comes for £25.

iFoolish 2 Case: This amazing polycarbonate iPhone 5S case comes with a 4-inch drawing board on the rear panel. Also you get a pen fit into the case, which you can use to write on the white board and leave funny messages to your friends. The iFoolish case comes for £15.

Case-Mate Artistry Wood: Well, you have a woody iPhone 5S case in form of the Case-Mate Artistry Wood. A piece of exotic hardwood, which is processed in completely nature friendly ways, is the material of the case that comes for £35.

Case-Mate Madison: Though not a sternly protective case, the Madison iPhone 5S case is having a chic styling thanks to the quilted leather case polished with Swarovski crystal inserts. It also features micro-fiber lining giving further cool look for the case that is priced at £75.

Seidio OBEX: The OBEX iPhone 5S case is something that is made with rubber Silicone stoppers that can keep dust and liquid out of the key parts of the new iPhone variant. The waterproof covering also safeguards speakers as well as microphones of the device. The OBEX case is up for grabs for a price of $79.95.

Incipio ATLAS: It is also a water and dust proof protective case for iPhone 5S. You can take your device to a depth of 2m if you have inserted it into the ATLAS case from Incipio, which is priced at £90.


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