Surfer attacked by shark: Mick Fanning defeats deadly beast (video)

Surfer attacked by shark: Mick Fanning defeats deadly beast (video)

Surfer attacked by shark: Mick Fanning defeats deadly beast (video)

This was simply out of a horror movie. Mick Fanning, a top of the line surfer in the world was faced with the biggest threat of his life while surfing in South Africa.

There is no denying the fact that he had no iota of inkling as to what he was going to face. Everything was going well till he thought that something was pulling him down under the sea.

It is plain luck that he was able to come out unharmed in the most dreadful challenge of his life.

He was horrified to realize that the create that was trying to pull him down was none other than a massive shark. While it was happening the occasion was being broadcasted live on television.

shark attack Surfer Mick FanningThis may also be the reason that the organizers of the surfing championship were able to get help to him in time. Without the help the surfer might have never survived the predator. Following the attack and the video of the shark attack going viral on social networking sites and the media, a well publicized surfing competition in South Africa was canceled Sunday. All the preparations for the competition were complete but no one had imagined the presence of shark in the ocean where the surfing competition was being organized.

The way the help was dispatched to him and how the rescuers got him unharmed must be commended. In the meantime reports suggest that immediately after the incident coming to the light Organizers of the J-Bay Open, the sixth stop on the 2015 Samsung Galaxy World Surf League Championship Tour, called off the competition. The results of the competition were announced without even holding the competition. Organizers following the discussion with WSL Commissioner Kieren Perrow, Fanning and competitor Julian Wilson decided to take equal second in rankings points and split the prize purse awarded to the winner.

Everyone seems to be very happy with the survival of Fanning. WSL Commissioner Kieren Perrow while talking about the incident says, “We are incredibly grateful that no one was seriously injured today. Mick’s composure and quick acting in the face of a terrifying situation was nothing short of heroic and the rapid response of our water safety personnel was commendable”. A very relived looking Fanning following the incident said, “I had this feeling that something was behind (me), and all of a sudden I felt like I started getting pulled underwater. And then the thing came up and I was on my board and it was right there”.

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