Microsoft Surface Pro 4 release date today: What you should expect?

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 release date today: What you should expect?

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 release date today: What you should expect? 

Surface Pro 4 and Band 2 are going to be released by Redmond based tech giant along with a couple of Lumia handsets in the market. The enthusiasm in the market is high due to anticipation that Microsoft will make its tablet all the more impressive while improving the performance of the wearable whose first version was far from impressive.

The performance of Microsoft Band may not be very bad –it was good in many aspects by different reviewers and users –nonetheless it never even got close to being a market success. It was not the top selling wearable in the market. It was not among the top three or top five wearable devices in the market. I doubt if it was even among the top eight.

Nonetheless it is going to be among the best with a few changes and latest rounds of leaks suggest that we are going to see quite a few changes that will make it the best. Leaks suggest that the Band 2.0 will come with curved display, making it a lot better for the people who have to wear. Earlier it was said that the wearable was very uncomfortable and people had to struggle to keep it tied to their band

In the meantime there are reports that Microsoft will also be showcasing latest Lumia offerings – the 950 and 950 XL –after Microsoft appeared to inadvertently share details of the devices on its website.

Meanwhile more details are appearing about Surface Pro Microsoft laptop-tablet hybrid. Reports suggest that the new version will be slimmer than the Pro 3 and reports suggest it could utilise Windows Hello, which allows users to log on using face-recognition software. As far as screen resolution is concerned, there are speculations that Surface Pro 4 could boast 4K or 5K capabilities. It is also being said that it will come with Intel’s Core M Broadwell processors.

A report while talking about the new band says, “Band One good thing about the Microsoft wearable is the fact that it is platform agnostic which means that it also works with Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. But it offers the greatest functionality when it is paired with a smartphone running Windows Phone, Microsoft made sure of that. The same feature will be taken on by the Microsoft Band 2, along with its all-improved sensors. Like its predecessor, the Microsoft Band 2 shall be capable of supporting voice search through the familiar digital assistant, Cortana. But the same feature cannot be activated when used with an iPhone or an Android device”.

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