Super Tuesday 2016 states: Who will win in Georgia and Texas primaries, Donald Trump leading polls

Super Tuesday 2016 states: Who will win in Georgia and Texas primaries, Donald Trump leading polls

Super Tuesday 2016 states: Who will win in Georgia and Texas primaries, Donald Trump leading polls

There is near unanimity that real estate mogul Donald Trump will win the Super Tuesday 2016 states without much trouble. All the polls indicate towards it and suggest that with the exception of Texas, the billionaire businessman will win all the other states where voting for primaries will be held on March 1.

Many top of the line Republican leaders including Gov. Christie too are coming forward after witnessing his surge in the primary season. He has already notched three huge wins after losing Iowa with a miniscule margin.

In the meantime his opponents, mainly Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, are working really hard to make an impact and undermine his acceptability among the Republican fans across the South. On the other hand Donald Trump is not someone to let his detractors take aim at him and remain silent. In fact he is the one who started attacking his opponents directly calling them biggest liars one after the others.

donald trump vs marco rubioWhile talking to his supporters in Bentonville, Arkansas, Donald Trump attacked Marco Rubio, calling him a “nasty guy”. He went on to add that he was failing. “I said, man, I think he’s choking,” Trump said. “I said I’m about to witness history. This guy’s going down. This guy’s going down. And I’m looking and I’m getting ready because, you know, it’s like a lot of people, I’m a pretty strong guy. I’m getting ready to grab him because I thought he was — I thought he was out.”

On the other hand Marco Rubio is also taking at the billionaire businessman. While talking to his supporters in Kennesaw, Georgia, Rubio said, “So here’s the one tweet he put out: He put out a picture of me having makeup put on me at the debate, which is amazing to me, that a guy with the worst spray tan in America is attacking me for putting on makeup…Donald Trump likes to sue people, he should sue whoever did that to his face.”

Two states that will give largest number of delegates are Texas and Georgia. Georgia has 76 delegates offer. Three polls conducted recently that are dated from Feb. 21 to Feb. 23. TEGNA/Survey USA has Trump leading with 45 percent, Rubio with 19 and Cruz at 16. Margin of error is listed at 3.8 percent. The Fox 5 Atlanta poll has Trump at 34 percent, Rubio at 22 and Cruz at 20 with a margin of error of 3.6 percent. The WSB-TV/Landmark poll has Trump leading with 32 percent, Rubio at 23, and Cruz at 19 and has a margin of error of 4.4 percent. The average of these three Georgia polls has Trump at 37.0, Rubio at 21.3 and Cruz at 18.3.

On the other hand Texas and its 155 delegates are something that everyone wants to win. It is the home state of Ted Cruz. Five polls have been taken over the last week in Texas. It is no surprise that Cruz is leading with an average of 34.0 percent of the vote, Trump follows with 26.8, and Rubio sits at 18.2. Texas has a rule in which a “trigger” based on margin of victory could turn Texas into a winner takes all state. If the winner can acquire 50.1 percent of the vote in Texas, that person will take home all of the 155 delegates. If that magic number is not hit then the delegates will be divided up proportionally. Based on polling, it does not appear that the 50.1 percent margin will be hit in the Lonestar State.

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