Super Tuesday 2016 Primaries: in which state Democrats, Republicans will vote, SEC Primary States

Super Tuesday 2016 Primaries: in which state Democrats, Republicans will vote, SEC Primary States

Super Tuesday 2016 Primaries: in which state Democrats, Republicans will vote, SEC Primary States

Many people were thinking that Donald Trump’s journey would have been slowed down before the Super Tuesday 2016. It is the occasion when Republicans in more than a dozen states will be voting to determine as to who will be their presidential candidate facing off Democratic opponent.

Merely a few days are left when the ‘super fight’ will be held. Compared to one primary or caucuses a night, on 1 March or Super Tuesday the Republican candidates will be vying for support in as many as 14 states mostly in the South. This is an area that has not got much of attention thus far.

Many people, especially the Republican establishment have been hoping to see a reversal in Donald Trump’s fortunes. He has remained unstoppable thus far despite all the efforts made by his competitors, besides of course Republican establishment. Nonetheless, till now they haven’t been able to slow down his march despite all their efforts on different fronts.

Melania TrumpIn the meantime it seems that he is headed to massive win in Super Tuesday. A latest poll suggests that he is leading by huge margin in states that will be part of Super Tuesday. The poll, conducted by Purple Strategies, is a remarkable show of strength for the real estate baron.

The poll findings suggest that the billionaire businessman actually holds a substantial lead in the southern region where Republican voters have their say on March 1, displaying remarkable strength for a twice-divorced New Yorker in Bible Belt states home to some of the nation’s most conservative voters. On the other hand an online Bloomberg Politics poll shows the billionaire is backed by 37 percent of likely Republican presidential primary voters in the seven states surveyed, while Senators Marco Rubio of Florida and Ted Cruz of Texas are tied at 20 percent.

The poll shows that even if either of Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz drops out of the race, he will beat the one who remains in the race without much of a difficulty. Trump beats both Rubio and Cruz in hypothetical, one-on-one matchups in the region, weakening the argument that the front-runner’s march toward the nomination would be slowed if it were only a two-man race.

The report while describing the finding of the poll suggests that “The findings demonstrate the broad-based nature of Trump’s support and how primary voters — even conservatives and evangelicals who might find issues with his personal history — have accepted him, making it harder for his rivals to take him down. The front-runner is stronger than both Cruz and Rubio on questions about authenticity, protecting against terrorism, ability to win a general election and having a positive vision for the future, while he’s weaker on questions about being a committed Christian and solid conservative”.

What are the Super Tuesday states?

Democrats and Republicans: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia.

Republicans only: Alaska, North Dakota and Wyoming caucuses.

Democrats only: American Samoa caucus.


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