Current Republican presidential poll standings: Super Saturday polls 2016 becomes Donald Trump vs Tex Cruz

Current Republican presidential poll standings: Super Saturday polls 2016 becomes Donald Trump vs Tex Cruz

Current Republican presidential poll standings: Super Saturday polls 2016 becomes Donald Trump vs Tex Cruz

Super Saturday may be a game changer of sorts as far as Republican Party is concerned. Ted Cruz who had performed well in the Super Tuesday by winning four states has done even better.

On Super Saturday Ted Cruz did better than expected as he won in two states and lost narrowly to Donald Trump in the third state by a narrow margin.

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Despite both the presidential hopefuls winning two states each, Ted Cruz performed better as he took merely one delegate short of Trump in a state that he narrowly won.

republican debate on fox news last nightAfter around two month long primary season, this is the first time that Ted Cruz has shown without doubt that he is the only one who can take on Donald Trump. After initially showing mistrust towards him, Republican establishment may have finally to accept his as their official candidate.

Marco Rubio, despite winning only 1 state in Super Tuesday was still smarting as the main choice of the Republican establishment. But after the drubbing he received the last night, he seems to be out of favor now. Cruz has emerged as the candidate best placed to take on Trump – whose continued rise has panicked those within his own party. Trump has won 12 nominating contests thus far (including those on Saturday), Cruz six and Marco Rubio one. The tally on the Democratic side is 12 wins for Clinton and seven for Sanders.

Trump won Louisiana and Kentucky on Saturday while Cruz took Maine and Kansas. Sanders won Nebraska and Kansas while Clinton bagged Louisiana – a delegate-rich state. Every state is worth a certain number of delegates in the nominating contests for both the parties, which will elect their nominees later in the year.

GOP candidates need to win least 1,237 delegates to win the party’s nomination while a Democrat needs 2,383. Trump leads the tally in his party with 373 to Cruz’s 291, Rubio’s 122 and John Kasich’s 33. On the other hand Hillary Clinton leads her party field with 1,117 to Sanders’s 477.

In the meantime Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said that Donald Trump needs to be defeated on the ballot rather than in Cleveland next summer. “If you want to beat him, you have to beat him at the ballot box” he told on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

He went on to add, “Any time you hear people talking about a brokered convention, I think that is the fevered talk of the Washington establishment…The Washington establishment is in a panic. They’re confused. They don’t understand what’s happening…There’s a difference there when that’s coming from the people, when it’s a battle of the people. A lot of the folks pushing a brokered convention in Washington don’t want it to be based on the people…They want to drop in their favorite candidate and try to stifle the will of the people. I think that would be an enormous mistake.”

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