Sri Lankan carnage: Muslims must diagnose what’s going on in the minds of young Muslims


NVO News Desk

The macabre killing of innocent people in Sri Lanka by a bunch of radicalized Muslims belonging to affluent families has set in motion a sort of introspection among Muslims across the world. While there is utter disbelief among many people within the community over whether Muslims were really involved, it has been clearly established beyond any iota of doubt that a group of radicalized Muslims was indeed behind the carnage that killed more than 350 people when they were praying on Easter.

While the people who were involved in the suicide bombing, including a woman, have been identified, a large number of their associates have been apprehended. Almost all of them are Muslims. Meanwhile the Ceylon Today has published a list of those people for whom search is underway across Sri Lanka. These people who also include two women have been named as follows: Mohamad Iwuhaim Saadik Abdulhaq, Faathima Latheefa, Mohamad Iwuhaim Shaheed Abdulhaq, Pulustheen Rajendran alias Sarah, Mohamad Cassim Mohamad Rilvan.

So far the Sri Lankan government that has seen large scale reshuffle in the security mechanism at the highest level, hasn’t officially named the people involved in bombing due to deteriorating security reasons. But all the names have been leaked by different sources.

Meanwhile the government in the Island nation has decided to suspend this Friday’s Jumma prayers at all Muslim Mosques throughout the country, considering the current security situation.

NVONews has learnt that this decision had been taken by the Government after receiving information that cadres attached to the Islamic State would launch an attack targeting Muslim Mosques during prayers tomorrow afternoon. As a result, Minister of Posts, Postal Services and Muslim Religious Affairs, M.H.A. Haleem had ordered the Muslim Mosques to suspend Friday Jumma prayers. Director (Muslim Religious Affairs) at the Ministry, A.B.M. Ashraf said this decision had been taken following warnings issued by Security Forces.

“One of the reasons for the suspension of Friday Jumma prayers at Mosques is to honour the memory of our Christian and Catholic brothers and sisters who died in the Easter Sunday attacks carried out by an extremist group. Furthermore, due to the warnings issued by the security forces, the Government has taken this stance,” he added.

In the meantime, Muslim intellectuals are feeling perplexed over what happened in Lanka this past Sunday. The intellectuals, mourning the loss of their Catholic brothers who have lost their lives, are also trying to find out why it really happened and what is the cause of radicalization. Ebrahim Moosa, an expert on Islam who is a professor of Islamic Studies at University of Notre Dame, while writing on his Facebook page says:

Yesterday, I participated with Dr Imam Rashied Omar at a Catholic mass dedicated to those who were killed in Sri Lanka in the Basilica at the University of Notre Dame. It was a magnificent act of inclusion and was led by our president Father John Jenkins, a thoughtful and compassionate man. I read a short intercession.”

He went on to add, “As the news of the perpetrators of these tragic killings in Sri Lanka filter out and the spiral of violence it unleashes, I am still confused and unable to fathom why middle class people, or any kind of people irrespective of class, ethnicity, religion or race, would resort to these kinds of acts of violence. Three perpetrators are offspring and family of one of the richest Muslim men in Colombo. I will say it again and repeat it often that if Muslims do not diagnose what is going on in the minds and souls of these young people, they are going to inflict extraordinary harm on everyone, including Muslims and their interests, everywhere in the world.”

While detailing as to what is causing extremism among Muslims, he further says, “A form of arrogant Islam is evident everywhere shrouded in the colors of victimhood. Speak to young, middle-class and educated Muslims then you’ll find that they can recite the litany of anti-Muslim hatreds and savageries, but they cannot recite any line of poetry or a verse of the Qur?an that teaches about humanity, perseverance and fighting evil with that which is better or beautiful. If Muslims do not undertake this introspection, as I have repeated so many times before, we are collectively going to be its victims, be it in Cape Town or Bangkok, Brunei or Nigeria, Buffalo or Birmingham. I do understand geopolitics and the suffering of Muslims in different places. But I cannot, like so many Muslims are doing, hide behind pseudo-conspiracy stories or shift the blame.”

“Note the fake videos you are receiving. If you are gullible and being used by evil people, then the fault lies with you since you became an accomplice of evil. How can this be a retaliation for the hate-killings in Christchurch NZ? How are innocent Christians in Sri Lanka, possibly poorer than any of the victims of Christchurch, responsible for what happened in New Zealand? This is truly devastating. I am looking for explanations as to why people do this. I need to learn more about the psychology of these youth, these could be your or my children, family members or relatives. As a scholar and a public intellectual who talks to audiences around the world all the time I need some help in trying to understand what is going on. I need a better handle as to what motivates such hatred and destruction. Or would it be dehumanizing to even find an explanation for such unspeakable evil?” Prof Moosa added.