Spring forward 2015 time change is here: Daylight savings time begins March 8

Spring forward 2015 time change is here: Daylight savings time begins March 8

Spring forward 2015 time change is here: Daylight savings time begins March 8

Daylight Savings Time or DST is in focus once again. Merely after five days from now you will be required to move your clock forward by one hour. For most people this is an occasion that they don’t want to come.

This is due to the fact that in the first place it creates confusion as people have to suddenly change their schedule, and secondly, they think it is good for nothing.

The practice that has its genesis in Germany in the year 1916 was adopted by the United State soon after. In the year 2018, United States adopted it to take care of serious energy deficiency.

Daylight-Savings-time_0Despite being in practice for around a century now, people haven’t been able to get comfortable with the idea of moving their clocks forward and backwards every six months. Now they are moving their clocks forward by one hour and in November they will be required to move it back by one hour.

The spring forward will begin on March 8. Come Sunday and you are expected to move your clocks forward by one hour. Now people will have to get up earlier and start for office early accordingly. At 2 a.m. you will have to move your watch forward by one hour to keep pace with the rest of United States when the sun rises. Otherwise you will end up looking like being late everywhere you go. The change in clock twice a year has been based on a mandate passed in Congress, the Energy Policy Act of 2005 requires a twice-a-year turning of clocks to gain an hour of daylight each day. This spring the Daylight Savings Time begins on March 8, Sunday. And you will have to follow it till November 8 when you will need to move your clock back by one hour.

Notwithstanding opposition building against it, Daylight Savings Time is practiced in around 70 countries across the world. It was conceptualized by Benjamin Franklin who in the year 1784 presented it as an energy saving measure. But we should keep in mind that the world was energy starved at that time that is not the case now. Germany adopted Daylight Savings Time in the year 1916. In the US it was adopted two years later in 1918. But it was dropped and adopted again in 966.

But the health implications of daylight savings time are not good. Reports suggest that changing clocks back and forth to Daylight Saving Time twice a year seems to be bad for human health — from increased risk of heart attack to more mine accidents. Nevertheless, in 2007, the U.S. Congress saw fit to extend Daylight Saving Time‘s reign from earlier in spring to deeper into fall in 2007. So there is a need to actually scrap this practice right away.

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