Spouse follow exercise pattern of their husbands/ wives

Spouse follow exercise pattern of their husbands/ wives

Spouse follow exercise pattern of their husbands/ wives

If you are one of those people who are very particular about your health and fitness level, there is every likelihood that your spouse too will follow you in keeping fit.

This has been concluded in an extensive study conducted by researchers associated with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

So women who are married to fitness conscious men are expected to become fitness conscious themselves too before too long. The same is the case of men who marry to women who want to keep fit and strive hard to do it. Though there are many exceptions too as I have witnessed quite a few women who really work hard on their fitness and run for at least an hour a day, their men are not interested at all in anything even remotely to do with physical exercise. But such people seem to be exceptions and not the norm.

woman-running-outdoorsIt is needless to say that researchers involved in the study are excited. While talking about the findings the study co-author Laura Cobb says, “When it comes to physical fitness, the best peer pressure to get moving could be coming from the person who sits across from you at the breakfast table…There’s an epidemic of people in this country who don’t get enough exercise…and we should harness the power of the couple to ensure people are getting a healthy amount of physical activity.” The latest study has been published in the journal EurekAlert.

Researchers believe that they are fairly accurate in the analysis. The study is backed with large-scale database and researchers analyzed records that began in 1987 and followed a group of over fifteen thousand middle-aged adults from communities across Maryland, Mississippi, Minnesota and North Carolina. While analyzing the data researchers realized to their amazement that a husband was more likely to take up physical exercise if his wife had met the recommended levels of exercise upon the first visit. This is also true when a husband actually meets the recommended levels of physical guidelines his wife was more likely to meet the recommend levels at subsequent visits.

Cobb while further detailing the findings says, “We all know how important exercise is to staying healthy. This study tells us that one spouse could have a really positive impact on the other when it comes to staying fit and healthy for the long haul”.

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