Special Executive Council Meeting held today


    Aligarh: The adjourned special meeting of the Executive Council of Aligarh Muslim University today considered the appeal of three law students against the order of expulsion as per the directive of the Allahabad High Court.

    The meeting unanimously decided to allow Mr. Roopendra Singh, Mr. Dhananjay Singh Jadon and Mr. Bohit Sharma to seek continuation/re-admission in their respective classes on condition to submit an undertaking for observing good behavior in the future in the University and any violation will invite cancellation of their admissions.

    The Executive Council rejected the appeal filed on the direction of the Allahabad High Court by Mr. Mohd. Adil against the order of issue of migration certificate placing the campus out of bound to him.

    Mr. Adil had filed a writ petition before the Hon’ble High Court of Judicature at Allahabad. The writ petition came for hearing on September 1, 2010 and the Hon’ble High Court ‘dismissed’ the writ petition with directive that “petitioner may be re-delegated to approach the Appellate Authority under Section 36 (b) of the AMU Act”.

    The Executive Council after due deliberations unanimously turned down the appeal of Mr. Adil Hossain, a student of MA (Mass Communication) observing that he was actively involved in acts of indiscipline and misconduct of AMU Students’ Conduct and Discipline Rules, 1985. The Executive Council noted that Mr. Adil was involved during the series of events that took place in the night of 25th October 2009 and continued till 1st November 2009 relating to “Murder of AMU student and closure of the University”. He was suspended from the rolls of the University with immediate effect pending enquiry. The University campus was placed out of bound to him.

    The University served the charge sheet to him with the directive to submit his reply and appear in person before the Disciplinary Committee. He appeared in person before the Disciplinary Committee and explaining his position at the outset submitted “due apology for the events leading to the closure of the University”. He admitted his direct involvement from the first day in the agitation consequent upon the murder of late Mr. Shahnawaz Alam. He also admitted that due to involvement of some vested interests the agitation went out of their hand which culminated into huge loss to the University and its students.

    Mr. Adil Hossain admitted in his undertaking that he was misguided and he also in categorical term ‘solemnly committed’ never to involve in future in any act of indiscipline and misconduct during his stay as a student on the campus and assured cooperation to the University in maintaining law and order on the campus.

    On the recommendation of the Discipline Committee and considering future career and expectations of his parents, the Vice Chancellor revoked his earlier suspension order.

    In sheer violation of his earlier undertaking, Mr. Adil Hossain again actively involved in the act of indiscipline and misconduct and was once again suspended on June 3, 2010 from the rolls of the University pending enquiry. The University campus was placed out of bound for him except when required by the Proctor.

    Mr. Adil Hossain reportedly mobilized, collected and spearheaded a mob to block the main University road. The charge sheet was served upon him on June 9, 2010 by Speed Post and was given reasonable and fair opportunity of being heard and to explain his position with reference to each article of the charge sheet prior to his expulsion.

    He has been continuously writing without credible evidence on internet. He had also circulated baseless facts on the installation of CCTV cameras defaming the University and depicting the entire institutional infrastructure and administrative apparatus in poor light.