SpaceX gearing up for 13 rocket launches in 2015

SpaceX gearing up for 13 rocket launches in 2015

SpaceX gearing up for 13 rocket launches in 2015

SpaceX seems to have become a leading space company in the US. Within a short period of a few years the company hasn’t just proved its critics wrong, it seems to be even doing better than what Elon Musk, its founder might have thought.

That the company will start sending supplies to the International Space Station (ISS) might have never touched the minds of many people when the company was launched without much fanfare. But now no one can actually dare take the company lightly.

Elon Musk led SpaceX has also become a leading rocket launcher in the US. The way it has improved in the past two years can be gauged from the fact that this year the company will launch as many as 13 rockets.

orion spaceshipReports suggest that in order to achieve this target, besides two flights this year, the company is working hard to increase the production of engines that control its Falcon 9 rocket.

Company officials seem to have set Himalayan targets for the startup. SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell had told the media that the space giant is planning to produce at least 180 engines, with incrementing that number to 240 next year. overall he told the media that Spacex will produce as many as 400 engines by 2017.

In the next few months we are going to hear many welcome news from it. SpaceX is all set to be certified to launch military and Intelligence satellites using Falcon 9 rockets by June. Right now only ULA can send these satellites. ULA is a joint venture of US two largest arms makers Lockheed Martin Corp and Boeing Co. in the meantime Shotwell has reportedly said that Spcex is going to test its 27- engine Falcon Heavy Rocket at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Bigger the better, they seem to believe.

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