SpaceX reusable rocket lands back safely: All you need to know about Falcon 9 landing

SpaceX reusable rocket lands back safely: All you need to know about Falcon 9 landing

SpaceX reusable rocket lands back safely: All you need to know about Falcon 9 landing

SpaceX finally fulfilled its longstanding dream of landing back its rocket in upright condition. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket according to reports successfully landed vertically for the first time on Monday. The rocket had earlier launched as many as 11 ORBCOMM satellites before landing back in Cape Canaveral, Florida where the US had an air base till late seventies.

In the meantime ORBCOMM, the company to whom all the eleven satellites belonged has said that all its satellites were put in their respective orbit.

For the last more than a year Spacex has been claiming that it was possible to land rockets vertically. The company said that it will make the rocket reusable and help reduce the cost of space exploration much lower.

There is no denying the fact that right now rockets worth millions get lost in space after the payload is lspacex_dragon_v2 pic2aunched. Spacex has suffered a spate of losses. In 2014, the Falcon 9 had exploded two minutes after launch, destroying millions of dollars worth cargo and equipment because of a defect in the strut.

The latest model of the spaceship namely Falcon 9 v1.2 is 229.6 feet tall and has the ability to produce 1.7 million pounds of thrust. It is also able to carry more fuel, and the rocket booster has been upgraded. In Monday’s flight, before turning back, the rocket had achieved a height of 125 miles.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk while talking about his company’s latest achievement said, “I still can’t quite believe it…I think this is a revolutionary moment. No one has ever brought an orbital class booster back intact”.

While SpaceX might have been able to land its rocket in an upright condition now, Amazon and Blue Origin was able to do it a few weeks ago. CEO Jeff Bezos welcomed Musk over the latest achievement.

In the meantime there are people who called out Bezos for trying to compare Falcon 9 with the New Shepard, which is way shorter, others reminded him that landing the Falcon 9 was tougher than the Blue Origin rocket.

On the other hand US space agency NASA also to Twitter to congratulate the Musk company. SpaceX and Blue Origin have been racing each other in the aerospace business, creating rockets that would facilitate commercial space travel in the near future. Currently, SpaceX holds a deal with NASA to transport astronauts from the International Space Station to Earth and back.

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