Southwest Airlines $49 ticket sale closes: airliner still offering other deals

Southwest Airlines $49 ticket sale closes: airliner still offering other deals

Southwest Airlines $49 ticket sale closes: airliner still offering other deals 

Southwest Airlines’ sale was sort of unprecedented success. If you wanted to know as to how much successful it was, you need to just think about the sort of traffic it generated for the leading airliner in the US.

For the first two days of the launch of air ticket sale, the traffic coming to the company’s website was so heavy that the company remained down and out as officials of the company tried to keep in alive.

It took them more than two days to ensure that the company’s website was up and running. The pressure on the website was so high that the company continued to go down repeatedly for the first two day of the sale. Due to long bouts of outages, the Southwest Airlines announced the extension of the sale for a day. So instead of the three dale sale bonanza that it was meant to be, it became 4-day bonanza for air travelers across the US.southwest-airlines

Though no one actually knows as to how many tickets were available under the scheme or how many seats the Southwest sold, but the numbers must have been huge.

In the meantime the company officials were hard pressed to explain the reason of continued outage. The company seems to be feeling the heat at the moment. Now to turn things to its advantage, it said, “We recently launched a fare sale that created an extraordinarily high volume of customer demand and impacted functionality, We apologize to customers for any inconvenience and impact to travel plans”…Southwest teams have worked nonstop to correct website functionality, and we continue to work on fully restoring the site. We have extended the fare sale from end of day Thursday to end of day Friday, allowing customers extra time to book” she said.

As far as the ticket sale is concerned, the sale, for travel between Aug. 24 and Dec. 16, offers one-way fares of $49 to $149. Fridays and Sundays aren’t included, and days around Labor Day and Thanksgiving aren’t included, either.

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