Southwest Airlines $49 sale update: fresh deals available, sale was a big boost for it

Southwest Airlines $49 sale update: fresh deals available, sale was a big boost for it

Southwest Airlines $49 sale update: fresh deals available, sale was a big boost for it

Finally the Southwest Airlines $49 fair sale seems to be available of the leading airline company’s website even now. You can still book the ticket at just $49 and people still seem to be very keen to get hold of the cheapest air fare in the US.

The sale would have come to an end on Thursday itself, but the intermittent outage of the website forced the company to extend it by another 24 hours. While the website is showing the sale as ongoing even now, the sale will end in the next couple of hours.
There is no denying the fact that the company didn’t think that the demand for the discounted air ticket will be too huge. Otherwise it would have made efforts to add its website’s servers before actually beginning the latest round of sales.

To be true, the website’s traffic seems to have gone up suddenly beginning Tuesday. This spurt in the number of visitors seems to be visible if you take a look at its Alexa ranking. The website was in the sniffing distance of breaching 500 mark earlier today.southwest-airlines

The company seems to have miscalculated people’s interest in its offer. The fare sale that was launched beginning this past Tuesday was expected to last till Thursday. But given the fact that the website of the airline company remained down and out for most part of this three day bonanza period forced it to extend the scheme for Friday too. So if you are eager to fly Southwest Airline and want to pay the least possible amount, go for the enticing offer. The company faced serious problem in keeping its website online. Later the Southwest officials blamed the meltdown on heavy traffic from the sale. Thankfully on Friday the website seemed to be working fine, without any hitch

In the meantime Southwest airlines is being attacked by analysts for not being ready to deal with heavy rush that is necessary with such enticing offer. It was not unexpected. There is no denying the fact that the Southwest outage has lasted longer than most. Southwest could be particularly vulnerable this time because it sells a higher percentage of tickets on its own website instead of through online travel agencies. Henry Harteveldt, a travel-industry analyst for Atmosphere Research while talking about the outage says, “This is a catastrophic technology failure when your primary sales channel is unavailable for more than a day…There will be a lingering, negative effect in terms of (passengers’) willingness to consider flying on Southwest.”

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