Who won South Carolina Republican primary 2016: vote percentage of Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz

Who won South Carolina Republican primary 2016: vote percentage of Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz

Who won South Carolina Republican primary 2016: vote percentage of Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz

Donald Trump has finally managed to win in South Carolina, his second victory in a row. On the other hand among Democrats the fight was very tough and Hillary Clinton romped home by a slender margin. Jeb Bush has been thrown out of the race after very poor show here. Now the Republican presidential race is now widely considered a three-man race between businessman Donald Trump, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. Rubio was the night’s big surprise, coming back from a disastrous performance in New Hampshire and firmly positioning himself as the “mainstream” alternative to insurgents Trump and Cruz. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has dropped out of the race, but Ohio Gov. John Kasich is expected to continue on, hoping to make it beyond March 1’s South-tilted Super Tuesday contests. Many pundits believe retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson remains in the race not because he believes he can win but to build his personal brand in the evangelical-Christian world. Here are the South Carolina results with 99 percent of the precincts reporting:

Donald Trump: 32.4%

Marco Rubio: 22.5%

Ted Cruz: 22.3%

Jeb Bush: 7.8%

John Kasich: 7.6%

Ben Carson: 7.2%

South Carolina Republican primary voting is set to begin within a few hours time. And the enthusiasm couldn’t have been higher.

From double digit lead for the Republican front runner Donald Trump, his lead has shrunken to just 5 percent in the latest Wall Street Journal poll, making it an open game for other Republican presidential hopefuls. Now Ted Cruz seems to be slightly behind Trump, while Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush are also able to remain in contention.

The interest in the primary has skyrocketed due to the lively fight that is expected here in this crucial state. Whoever wins the primary here is most probably able to win Republican nomination. Many people are wondering if Donald Trump will lose the election and will be eclipsed by either Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio or in the worst case scenario by Jeb Bush.

In the meantime all the candidates have invested heavily in the state. Marco Rubio, a Florida senator, toured the state with high-profile South Carolina supporters, including popular Gov. Nikki Haley and Sen. Tim Scott. Rubio is also trying to fend off attacks from Cruz and Bush as each seeks to become the main alternative to Trump in the weeks ahead. While talking to the supporters he said, “This election is a generational choice…The American Dream is slipping away.”

On the other hand Jeb Bush, a former governor of Florida, campaigned in the state with his mother, former first lady Barbara Bush. Mrs. Bush, the wife and mother of previous presidents, described Jeb Bush as “steady. He’s honest. He is modest. He is kind, and he is good.” Kasich, the Ohio governor who finished second to Trump in New Hampshire, said he will continue his campaign regardless of how he finishes in South Carolina. He is looking toward Midwest primaries in states like Michigan and Ohio to boost his campaign.
In the meantime poll has given hope to Donald Trump’s opponents about their chances in this crucial state. A latest poll suggests that though Donald Trump enjoys lead in South Carolina, his lead here has shrunken considerably. Despite the fact that Trump is the top pick of 28% of likely Republican primary voters, he is down eight percentage points from a January survey, and his 16-point lead in the earlier poll has narrowed to five points over Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s 23%. On the other hand Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has been placed third with 15% vote share and Jeb Bush with as much as 13% vote share. This means that no one among the Republican voters has a decisive lead to sit pretty in tonight’s primary.

There is no denying the fact that the poll that was conducted by new Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Marist poll is the latest to show that Donald Trump’s double digit lead has narrowed to close to margin of error. The crowded contest for second place may mean the primary here won’t significantly winnow the field before the Feb. 23 GOP caucuses in Nevada, or even by March 1, when a swath of mostly Southern states will weigh in on the race. Polls in the state will be open until 7 pm Eastern. Democrats in the state, however, won’t vote today — instead, they’ll do so one week later, on Saturday, February 27. To get live, constantly updated raw results from the South Carolina primary without commentary or video, go to the Washington Post at this link, or Politico at this link. The Post also features Nevada caucus results at this page. For live online streaming South Carolina and Nevada primary and caucus coverage and results — without cable login credentials required — check out CBS News at this link, or ABC News Go by clicking on this link.

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