Sony Bloggie Live review: Sony pocket camcorder goes Wi-Fi


    By Abdul Vahid V (NVONews.Com)

    Cisco’s Flip may have died. But it doesn’t completely devastate the possibilities and market of single purpose camcorders. Sony has just upgraded its Bloggie line of pocket camcorders with a new edition, dubbed the Bloggie Live. The new version of Sony Bloggie highlights Wi-Fi for both instant uploading video contents and streaming videos. It will be an easy job to take videos and images on the handheld camcorder, which is a bit expensive at $249 when compared with the prices of most other low-end cameras out there. Go on reading to find out the entire features and specs of Bloggie Live below.

    Form factor
    Every gadget from Sony has perfection in design. The company has taken a serious approach to the form factor of Bloggie Live as well. Unlike the Flip, Sony has made its pocket camcorder more classy and wonderful. It has a rectangle form with rounded edges and sharp corners and it is made of brushed metal. Well, the rectangle and long form factor makes Bloggie Live more look like a phone rather than a camcorder. The large record button below the screen gifts it a look of iPhone as well.

    The Bloggie Live sports f/2.8 Sony lens and a single LED flash on one side. And on the other side, there is a 3-inch LCD display and the huge record button. You have an HDMI port to stream content to a large display like HDTV. The camcorder’s display is a touchscreen-enabled and it can be used to control the entire device. You can view the captured video clips and share them on social media sites in help of the display.

    Connectivity features
    The major difference the Bloggie Live makes from its older versions is the Wi-Fi connectivity. The Live will help you upload images to the computer or web over Wi-Fi. Thus, there is no need to plug in the Live except to charge. The older versions of Bloggie camcorders need to be hooked up with a computer via USB to transfer the data. With Wi-Fi, you can also upload contents to various web services such as YouTube, Facebook, Picasa and Flickr right from the gadget. Wi-Fi may not be everywhere. So Sony suggests readers to buy the Live either with Verizon’s and AT&T’s MiFi devices to get always connected with the web.

    The hallmark feature of the Bloggie Live is its ability to live-stream through Qik’s video service. You just need to set up a Qik account to stream video from the site. The Live lets you watch the video clips on its LCD display. You can also share video and put comments. Of course, the Wi-Fi connectivity will outshine the Sony camcorder in stores. Costumers will be much excited to buy a portable video recorder with Wi-Fi and live streaming features. Yes, it will make the Live different on the rack for the time being.

    Image quality
    With Bloggie Live, you can shoot 1080p@30, 720p@60, 720p@30 and couple of standard definition resolutions. Colors and brightness are crisp in video clips. The device also records voice neatly; there is no distraction from very loud sounds. Of course, when compared with the Flip cameras, the Bloggie Live may not have much clarity in video recording. But the Sony camcorder is more for simple use than high quality. The camcorder can take 12-megapixel stills as well. Sony has deliberately added the still photo capability with the device. And so, the image clarity is better than all of its rivals, however is not perfect, indeed.

    Ultimately, the Bloggie Live is a nice looking, portable and easy to use pocketable camcorder. Every one will wish to have a high end camcorder with Wi-Fi, live streaming and still photography capabilities. The Bloggie Live is not much appreciative with its high price and less quality images. Let us conclude this write-up with the words of David Pierce of the Verge,

    “But if the ease of use and wireless features appeal, what Sony has done with the Bloggie Live is impressive: the company added a ton of features without taking much away from the dead-simple operation. The Bloggie Live does a lot of things well, and as long as you don’t expect video recording magic, this is a solid camera that should make you miss the Flip a lot less.”