Solar Storm brings MESMERIZING northern lights

Solar Storm brings MESMERIZING northern lights

Solar Storm brings MESMERIZING northern lights

Solar storms are becoming very common these days. To be true the intensity of storms is also becoming very common. Earlier X class solar flares were very rare. But now very powerful solar flares or storms seem to have become almost a daily affair.

Researchers are reporting that this time the severity of the solar storm is so high that earth is feeling huge geomagnetic jolt. Scientists believe that this round of solar flare is so intense and powerful that it may even impact power grids and GPS tracking.

But researchers also believe that this round of solar flare is going to bring vivid northern lights farther south.

solar flare1Thankfully till now there seem to be no apparent harm from the latest rounds of activity on the Sun. Researchers claim that at least two massive blasts of magnetic plasma left the sun on Sunday. This magnetic plasma that headed towards our earth reach here after almost 15 hours. It is being said this was much stronger than anticipated.

While talking about the latest round of solar flare Thomas Berger, director of the Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colorado said this storm actually ranks a 4, called severe, on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s 1-to-5 scale for geomagnetic effects.

He further said “It’s considerably stronger than anticipated,” Berger said. Forecasters had anticipated a glimpsing blow rather than dead-on hit. Another hypothesis is that the mixture of the two storms aggravated it, yet it’s too soon to tell if that is in this way, he said.

In the meantime aurora borealis or northern lights will be moving further south from north following the severe solar storm. This means that many more people should be able to enjoy the brilliant sky show. Forecasters were not sure exactly how far south it would be visible.

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