Solar flares today: Strongest solar storm 2012 hitting Earth


    Solar flares today may affect many flights. Meanwhile the year 2012 begins with strongest solar storm hitting Earth

    Massive solar flare were was predicted six years ago and it was supposed to hit the Earth with a violent storm of geomagnetic storm currents early this Tuesday. The prediction, made by Space Weather Prediction Center, a unit of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, proved to be true as Earth was hit by a massive solar flare early in the morning today.

    Space Weather Prediction Center comes out with daily reports on the state of “solar weather” and its effects on Earth. Its report stated that Earth would be hit with three different effects at three different times, the biggest problem being the overdose of radiation. High level of radiation in the atmosphere can disrupt satellite communications and hamper the schedule, safety and routes of polar-traveling airplanes. Doug Biesecker, a space weather center physicist of the cente also informed that some airlines have already changed the routes of their polar flying planes.

    The effects of the solar flare are here to remain for some days as the storm hitting the earth is just enormous – it is the biggest solar flare since 2005

    Biesecker said, “The whole volume of space between here and Jupiter is just filled with protons and you just don’t get rid of them like that. That’s why the effects will stick around for a couple days.”

    NASA’s spokesman Rob Navias said that the flight surgeons and solar experts of NASA have examined the solar flare’s expected effects and reached the conclusion that the six astronauts currently on the International Space Station do not need any extra protection from the radiation,.

    The effects of solar flares are better monitored now. A massive solar flare back in 1989 caused a massive blackout in Quebec as it caused electrical outages. It also brightens aurora borealis and pushes the northern lights further south.

    But this coronal mass ejection seems likely to be only moderate, with a chance for becoming strong, Biesecker said. The worst of the storm is likely to go north of Earth.

    Doug Biesecker, a physicist at NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colorado, said, “The last time we had a radiation storm this strong was May 2005. That’s really the reason this event is remarkable — it’s just been so long since we’ve seen this.”

    Biesecker also informed that geomagnetic storms are measured by scientists on a scale of one to five, with five being the strongest. He predicted a geomagnetic storm of the intensity of levels two and three.

    “We haven’t had anything like this for a number of years,” Pulkkinen said. “It’s kind of special.”

    The Earth will be bombarded today by the strongest solar radiation storm in six years, with a limited potential to affect satellites and power grids, officials say.


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    2. Not getting information on the effects on radio and the GPS navigation system for aviation precision approaches. Also wonder about the very strong burst which is emphasized, while the danger to the ISA crew is minimized, sounds like a NASA quote: YOure good for re-entry, ” thanks a million, the Shuttle crew just wasnt worth the effort to verify the true situation. So if the radiation gets stronger, or already is, what measures could the ISA crew take for some shielding? How about all of us, time to build underground bunkers? I infer this from a statement that an astronaut on the moon could be saved by getting beneath moon soil and would receive only minimal radiation. As is there were just one kind of radiation from the various solar flares….What readings are the ISA CREWS ACTUALLY SEEING? FOR THE REPORTS SO FAR WHOM DO I THANK

    3. Hello Art, you are completely right. And all this kind of news id bullshit anyway! They will never tell you the real story, to avoid world wide panic. So, what happens, happens.

      Cheers 🙂

    4. Art: how about *you* go run and hide in an underground bunker and spare those of us who aren’t paranoid conspiracy theorists the tedium of having to suffer your phobic tirades? It was a solar flare, a 2/5 scale moderate one, we’ve been experiencing them since our ancestors crawled out of slime pools with gills and fins – you have survived numerous ones in your lifetime and you just survived this one. So have some dignity and grow a set of balls.

    5. Who knows if FM radio waves, say +90 MHz, will be affected? Our local radio station has been having short ‘blackouts’ i.e. silent gaps of a fraction of a second, seconds apart, occuring occasionally from this morning (25 Jan 2012, South Africa, GMT -2hours).

    6. Does anyone know how long it would last this time and how far south they will go this time. Last time i heard they went as far as Alabama? Any potentional it going further south like South fl?

    7. forget about having a black out…… this was a solar flare cause by massive radiation…”radiation” if cancer wasn’t the #1 illness it is now

    8. For those who enjoy making fun of those attempting to prepare I would have to tell you …..please dont change… are precisely the ones that will be standing at the grocery store wondering when the trucks that arent coming will get there. You are correct, that these storms have been occurring since forever, however they go through cycles. The Mayans were recorders of cycles and they predicted that the Sun God would…….yada yada…..well the sun may not be a god but it has the power to vaporize us … certainly has the power to disrupt or destroy sensitive electronics. The real problem is that we have come to depend on all of this technology to live. From receiving money to the shipping of goods and taking records of whom is owed what … doesnt have to be some huge conspiracy. Nature can squash us like bugs and people like the ones whom make fun of those asking questions and whom wish to prepare are exactly the same ones that lived in New York when the Britich occupied that remained loyal to England. They too refused to accept the inevitable. And many were imprisoned and killed. So be cannon fodder if you wish. But we have storeable food ,ammo, and supplies and have been putting small affordable packages and adding to the supply since 1985. Now if a huge solar flare causes a major blackout like that of Canadas…..we will be sitting down to dinner ,with light, with heat and with the ability to blow the head off anyone stupid enough for not being smart enough to prepate for themselves.

    9. Tom, seriously! You take being smug to new, almost unfathomable depths. IF what you say is true and our poor planet is left populated by people with your attitude, then I’d be as afraid of that as of a natural catastrophe. Are you able for just a few minutes to suspend your anger and righteous indignation and really read what you’ve written? You may get a glimpse of “what’s wrong with this picture”. The survival of humanity is not just about the survival of the body, but in the survival of dignity, tolerance, charity, generosity, love and all the traits that set us apart. I can understand your frustration, but assuming you are tasked to be a survivor, you have greater responsibilities than your words indicate you are capable of undertaking.

    10. This is just a sign of the return of Jesus, if you all were in Christ and he in you, you would know the signs

    11. Well said, Christina! We need more people with your level of consciousness, the world would be a better place. I think a lot of people are very frightened of this event because we cannot control what happens – and we humans have gotten accustomed to controlling our environment.

    12. Well, as you can see, we are all still alive. That pretty much says it all don’t you think? There is a point to being concerned and taking precautions…..but no need to overdo it. Learn to control your fear and you may just live a better, happier, more meaningful life.

    13. Many Civilizations have come and gone, It just seems that the Ancients were right but we were too busy being materialistic, L.O.L

    14. its true, i live in Canada and the bank machines weren’t working, cable wasnt working, my phone stopped working for a bit.. Something definitely interfered with the signals of all those things today.

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