BY | May 15, 2012

Solar flare 2012 will continue to make headlines for many weeks to come. These are the times of solar activity and scientists in NASA have spied an enormous sunspot much bigger than the earth that is gearing up to erupt this week.

Ten days ago scientist spied a sunspot so huge it dwarfed te earth in size. The appearance of such a gigantic sunspot is no surprise since the sun has already entered its active phase in its eleven year cycle of dormancy followed by solar activity.

Scientist measured the sunspot, named AR 1476, as being 60,000 miles (100,000 kilometers). Within three days observations from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft had made scientist declare that the sunspot would erupt within a week. So far the sunspot has spewed flares and the one this Thursday was especially strong.

An update from the Space Weather Prediction Center, a joint service of NOAA and the National Weather Service this Thursday stated, “Solar activity has been at high levels for the past 24 hours with multiple M-class solar flares observed.”

The observatory recorded a powerful flare raising a perfect solar storm at 12:18 a.m. EDT (0418 GMT) that was registered as a class M5.7 eruption. M-class solar flares are regarded as medium-strength sun storms that have the ability to hurl blasts of radiation and magnetic solar plasma to earth. The activity is limited to eruptions so far and the enormous sunspot has not yet thrown coronal mass ejections earth’s way, that can wreak havoc with earth’s magnetic field and electricity grid.

Scientist rate solar flares as X-class being the strongest. These can interfere with satellites and infrastructure on Earth when we come in its range. The second strongest flares are classed as M-class and these can set off geomagnetic storms that create dazzling northern lights displays on Earth. The lowest are called C-class flares and have little effect on us earthbound sentinels.

So far the sunspot has reached M class eruption, but scientist are predicting stronger eruptions soon as the sunspot seems to be gearing for more activity.

The update from the Space Weather Prediction Center added, “The sunspot, dubbed Active Region 1476, has so far produced seven M-class flares and numerous C-class flares, including two M-class flares on May 9, 2012 that peaked at 8:32 EDT and 10:08 EDT. These flares were all short-lived and there were no associated coronal mass ejections, so we do not expect any geomagnetic storms at Earth.”

It was also reported that the sunspot has so far flared 32 times.

Solar activity started last year with the sun coming out of its eleven year dormancy. Scientist are predicting that the sun will only get busier this year and solar activity would peak in 2013. The current cycle has been dubbed Solar Cycle 24.

We are already experiencing the effects of sun’s diligence as this March two powerful storms may have temporarily shut down military satellites. NASA scientists predict the sun would stay active throughout the beginning of 2014 and would reenter its dormant state later that year.


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  • Murdum

    I find it hilarious that yet science is to yet actually explain of the real danger and for what is really to come ,but then who would really be interested right ? Well I cant wait for the day you shall have to shout out loud your FB update status on the street as anything electronic will be fried and we just might be back in the stone age within a year,the assumption of recovery within six months after being hit by the strongest of solar storms is not realistic simply because if they do continue for two years recovery would not be possible . If our governments are covering up the truth of the danger why is science sitting silent ? So folks vacations over, pack your bags for some crazy weather and few earth shattering earth quakes ,believe me those that are preparing for the worst are not crazy at all ,those that are not prepared well count your blessings .This has nothing to do with God by the way ;)

  • Charlie

    Wow Murdum, Ill come back to this page in 5 years and i hope to see a new comment from you saying how retarded you were. If the government and scientists are not saying there is a danger where are you getting your ‘Truth’ from?

  • Ravman

    @Charlie: Errmm Didnt governments and scientists say the world was flat once. Most sheeple believe whatever they are told and then ridicule those who stop and think. Just because your a follower not a thinker dont take it out on everyone else.
    Also I love how you imply that the if government says something then it must be ‘truth’ LOL now whos being retarted

  • tori

    wow charlie….way to go …very trusting aren’t you. And you call names!

  • Cecil

    No ones retarded or stupid. Show some data to back up what youre saying. That will show its all not simply here-say.

  • Aaliyah

    Back in 2010 N.A.S.A had predicted that the sun would send out a solar flare that was going to be stronger and more dangerous than any we’ve seen before. for the past few months solar flares have been hitting the earth and each one is stronger than the last. I think thats proof enough and not to mention the fact that N.A.S.A studies these thing every day where we don’t so I’ll trust the experts and just be prepared.

  • mbsteward

    when you put this information along with every other source from the hopi indians, the bible and nostadomus,mayans and one has to have their heads in the sand to say there is nothing to it. only two things to do. Prepare and REPENT of your sins. You dont have to but I am not blind nor will I, like so many act like it does not exist. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord Jesus Christ Son of the Only Living God.

  • Rev Tim byrd

    What’s the real point here, if the sun dose flair we will have little
    Warning so if god decides to end the world
    Or man decides to end the world we all die other way
    So that’s that we all have a job to do there
    Doing there’s .

  • Bp

    Is what I find a little bizarre is back in the eighties scientist use to talk about was how dangerous it. Could be being exposed to the Radiated particles from a solar flare. now In 2012 it’s just seems that it only has an effect on electrical and satellite equipment so you tell me have the solar flares gotten safer over the years or is the government just trying to sugar coat the inevitable

  • Jeb

    Everyone is all hyped up about Solar Flares, and Zombie Apocalypse what about Giant waves that come out of the water and whip out cities. I will say that I believe solar flares are a minimal risk in comparison to all of the other things we have going on.