BY | May 15, 2012

Solar flare 2012 is making waves. The latest sunspot AR 1476 is as big as 100,000 kilometer. It was detected on May 5 by NASA scientists

Solar flares are not going to die down anytime soon. Instead of slowing down, more ferocious solar flares are set to hit the earth in the coming days. A mammoth sunspot that is bigger than the size of earth is becoming troublesome in particular. This sunspot is sending regular solar flares that may be dangerous for earth in coming days.

The sun has become particularly active in recent times. The sun is waking up and this active sun may pose threat to the earth in the long run. Solar flares, despite many warnings have remained more or less harmless, but as their intensity increases, these solar flares may become a lot dangerous in the coming days.

Many people have been fascinated by solar flares, particularly about the ones that create lightening in the skies. Two months ago, such lights created great scenes in many parts of the world including the United States and Europe. A report while talking about the beginning of the solar flare says, “It begins with an explosion, usually above a sunspot. Sunspots are places where strong magnetic fields poke through the surface of the sun. For reasons no one completely understands, these fields can become unstable and explode, unleashing as much energy as 10 billion hydrogen bombs…From Earth we see a flash of light and X-rays. This is the “solar flare,” and it’s the first sign that an explosion has occurred. Light from the flare reaches Earth in only 8 minutes. High energy protons can follow in another ten to twenty minutes, although sometimes they take longer”.

The latest huge sunspot AR 1476 was detected by space telescopes on this past week. The sunspot from where latest solar flares are being lashed at the earth is so huge that it was called monster by scientists who first saw it. It is really huge with 100,000 kilometers size and may continue sending huge solar flares for weeks or even months.


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