Solar eclipse 2015: When is the UK eclipse?

Solar eclipse 2015: When is the UK eclipse?

Solar eclipse 2015: When is the UK eclipse?

Solar eclipse is going to be visible in most parts of Europe. While total solar eclipse is not visible except a few areas, many areas in Europe and Europe are going to experience partial solar eclipse for many hours.

The solar eclipse has already started and Slooh community is live streaming the event to the entire world. There are many other sites that are showing the eclipse’s feed and this includes Space.Com too.

Meanwhile space enthusiasts are all excited to go out and watch the total and even partial solar eclipse. Many people have spent thousands of dollars and have taken trouble to travel to those areas where they will be able to watch the moon completely blanketing the sun and its light. The solar eclipse is going to be so long that there are fears that many power grids may collapse under pressure. This may be due to the fact that in many European nations solar power is used to power street lights and for providing many civic amenities.

While talking about solar eclipse Slooh astronomer Bob Berman says, “Nothing — and I mean absolutely nothing in nature — is as powerful and spectacular as the totality of a solar eclipse…Sadly, they only happen every 360 years on average for any given location, which means that a very low percentage of the population has ever seen one. This time, the moon’s shadow sweeps over the remote Faroe Islands of the North Atlantic. Slooh has sent a team equipped with specialized, proprietary equipment to bring this spectacle live to the rest of our planet. This event should not be missed.”

Enthusiasm is visible across the world. Friday’s total solar eclipse will be confined to sparsely populated areas. If you are eager to experience total solar eclipse you will have to move to Faroe Islands, northwest of Scotland, and the Svalberg Islands north of Norway. March 20, 2015 total solar eclipse will give way to partial solar eclipse in much of the world including Europe and Americas.  The best part of the technological development is the fact that we tend to see those things live that are physically far away. So in the case of Friday total solar eclipse of 2015 too we will be able to watch live streaming of the celestial event tomorrow.

People are excited about the solar eclipse as the latest total solar eclipse comes after a gap of around one and half years. Slooh Community Observatory is all set to live stream the March 20, 2015 total solar eclipse. It will come with the expert commentary from the Faroe Islands. You can watch the 2.5-hour-long solar eclipse webcast through the Slooh website starting at 4:30 a.m. EDT (0830 GMT) on March 20. Besides you can watch it through Italy-based Virtual Telescope Project at 4 a.m. EDT (0800 GMT) and can be found at the VTP website.

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