‘SOCH beyond the imagination’ starts RTE campaign in Mau

‘SOCH beyond the imagination’ starts RTE campaign in Mau

‘SOCH beyond the imagination’ starts RTE campaign in Mau

Aligarh, June 20: Aligarh Muslim University students under the banner of ‘SOCH beyond the imagination’ (A Social Organization of AMU Students) have started a Right to Education (RTE) awareness campaign in Mau District of Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

“It was a Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s dream to educate people from poorest sections of society,” said ‘SOCH beyond the imagination’ Team Leader, Nazir Waqeel. He added that Sir Syed wanted poor from backward families to receive education in quality schools and universities.

Dr Saleem Mohammad Khan, who is associated with ‘SOCH beyond the imagination’ said that even after RTE many students have not been able to attend school due to family needs and in most cases students have to give up education to become bread earners for their families.

Students with ‘SOCH beyond the imagination’ confirmed that the RTE campaign will last for one month and Nukkad Sabhas will be organized in various areas.

Throughout the campaign, ‘SOCH beyond the imagination’ will also distribute pamphlets to make people aware about RTE, its beneficiaries and criteria.

While Dr Danish Suhail urged other AMU students to also take education related initiatives in their respective districts to complete the meaning of Sir Syed’s Aligarh Tehreek (Aligarh Movement), Rajya Sabha MP, Mr Salim Ansari .

The ‘SOCH beyond the imagination’ team of AMU students working in the campaign includes Shahid Shibli, Shujaat Ali, Aamir Lari, Tausif Ali, Mohammad Umair, Mohd Shahid, Shamsul Arfeen, Ahmad Hamesh and Abu Amir among others.

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