Snow melt runoff forecasting in Himalayan River Basins


    New Delhi: Central Water Commission (CWC) under Ministry of Water Resources is extending & modernizing its field data collection activities under “Snowmelt runoff forecasting in Himalayan River Basins”. The proposed activities include Snowmelt Runoff Forecasting in the Himalayan River Basins in Chenab, Beas, Yamuna, Ganga and Sutlej with the help of Remote Sensing inputs and by continuing field observations at existing and proposed new observatories.
    CWC has also been taken up work for “Studies and Monitoring of Water bodies and Glacial Lakes in the Himalayas affecting India”. The work has been proposed to be taken up with the help of National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC). The objectives of the study are :
    1). To prepare inventory of Glacial Lakes/Water bodies in the Himalayan Region of the Indian River Basins using Satellite Remote Sensing Techniques.
    2). Monitoring of these Glacial Lakes/Water Bodies on monthly basis from June to October for five years.