Smoking Pot Causes Memory Problems in Teenagers: Study

Smoking Pot Causes Memory Problems in Teenagers: Study

 Smoking Pot Causes Memory Problems in Teenagers: Study

I am sure this study will make youngsters aware of the long term consequences of pot smoking. it is well-accepted that the number of youths resorting to pot-smoking is rising steadily. The study claims that marijuana actually impacts teenagers’ brains adversely.

The latest study conducted by the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine is going to be a wake up call for the society as a whole. The more kids resort to pot smoking, the more we will have people may suffer memory loss and also dementia in later years of their lives.

Researchers conclude that teens who smoke weed on a regular basis actually display poor long-term memory. But occasional use doesn’t impact so badly.

MarijuanaResearchers claim that the study is true about those people who used it heavily. Heavy marijuana consumption actually means daily consumption for at least three years. This badly impacts the brain physically too.

The lead author of the study John Csernansky, MD, Lizzie Gilman Professor and chair of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences says, “The memory processes that appear to be affected by cannabis are ones that we use every day to solve common problems and to sustain our relationships with friends and family”. Researchers claim that the adverse impact was observed in subjects in their early 20s, two years after they stopped smoking marijuana.

Matthew Smith who was part of the study says, “Both our recent studies link the chronic use of marijuana during adolescence to these differences in the shape of brain regions that are critical to memory and that appear to last for at least a few years after people stop using it”.

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